‘The planned launch of Libra is at the end of by the year 2020″, says the director of the Balance of the Association

The stablecoin on Facebook by the end of next year, gelaunched to be. This, says the director of the Balance of the Association. This is a non-profit organization behind the currency.

We are firmly maintaining our product schedule, between the end of the first half of the year and the end of 2020
Bertrand Perez, managing director and chief operating officer, or the Balance of the Association

In this statement he is in an interview with Les Echos, a French publication. He is also fully aware of all the problems that are out there about the purpose of money laundering and the financing of terrorism. It is going to work with the regulators to have this practice to deal with them.
From all over the world, respond to regulators, and politicians are reluctant or negative to the Balance of the project. The French minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, gave, already, to Balance, to see it as a threat to its ‘monetary sovereignty’. In spite of this, it is Boredom to be optimistic about the stablecoin: all the problems will be solved.

Balance to be covered by the wereldmunten

The manager explained to us what’s going on with the reserves of the Balance. For the stablecoin was to be covered by a variety of foreign currencies. This is going to be the united states dollar (USD), the euro (EUR/€) the Yen (JPY), british Pound (GBP) and the dollar Singapore (SGD). What is striking is that the Yuan is the currency of China, is not a part of the cover of the Balance.

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Earlier this week, he gave as a senator from Virginia to China for the Balance of the Association should then be able to convert it for this CNY yet to use it. At the same time, it is also becoming more and more clear that China is on its own cryptomunt that the state will be issued. This will no doubt be a sequel.
The Association is based in Switzerland and has a representative office in the United States of america. Perez hinted that she would like to expand to other European and Asian countries. It’s only been three months since the Facebook of the project, the public is informed. The middle of June, it started the ball rolling, and since then offers it to the whole world. Whether it’s the PBoC’s, Facebook, or Bitcoin: is the digital world, goes on and on!
Source: TheBlockCrypto
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