The platform supports intelligent contracts immutable

June 9, 2020 by Clementine, the protocol is respectful of the privacy of Ethereum, develops thoroughly its performance. It has initiated contracts smart immutable on its platform.

Guarantee anonymity and immutability

According to a press release made by, these intelligent contracts that are immutable are an essential element to allow its protocol to deploy the full anonymity of the money sent by users of Ethereum.

What’s more, this new feature will highlight the sovereignty of the users in handling their funds.

And for evidence, the team designer of this model of transfer remains powerless when it comes to making changes to the code of the contract smart. Therefore, any person who finds a flaw and exploits will therefore have the full power to manipulate at will the system.

Immutability, a double-edged blade

Although the immutability is a characteristic advocated by the followers of the technology Blockchain, Tornado has been argued that users should be extra careful, because it also presents hidden faces.

For the positives, it is the form par excellence of the decentralization of the Blockchain, so that any command executed on the terms of a contract smart is irreversible. The flip side of the coin is that users are more exposed to bugs and threats.

Currently, the blockchains are not yet at a level of perfection that could protect themselves completely from any form of malicious attack. And yet, the know-how of hackers is more than impressive, it is not excluded that they even manage to find a gap to penetrate the protocol to the

David Gerard, an analyst of crypto-currencies, explains that a memorandum of agreement smart immutable would be an easy target for attackers, as is the case for Being unable to update the protocol, his team would then be disarmed in the face of threats of imminent security.

What do you think of the support of intelligent contracts immutable by the platform ? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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