The price is around $10.100, blocks are found more quickly

Bitcoin (BTC) is at the time of this writing, at a cost of $10.124, which is 0.58% higher than the day before, at the same time.
What is the price of bitcoin is doing? This is the most important question for the average investor. On the basis of figures and patterns of different analysts in every day is an attempt to answer this question.
In our most recent analysis, it is clear that the BTC is likely to take time to go down before making it’s way up and back to work.


One of the top ten altcoins are doing, just like bitcoin is easy. There have been no major changes. The overall market shows very little performance.
The power of bitcoin remains high. 70% of the market is in the hands of a single bitcoin, according to CoinMarketCap.


A survey of the fields that appear on Twitter.
The network of bitcoin is growing, this month is especially hard. Earlier in the week to reach the miners with a record of: 94 billion hashes per second on the network. That computing power will continue to grow. The battle is for the block reward and transaction costs is stronger than ever.
Due to the major increase in hashpower will be blocks, faster than the average for ten minutes. According to the hodlonaut is the average block time is about 7 minutes, 50 seconds.
The protocol of bitcoin adjusts the difficulty of each of the two weeks, as well as the average for ten minutes to make.
Speed to bring the bitcoin halvening will also be faster for us. After the halvening is going to have the block reward of 12.5 BTC at 6.25 BTC. It seems that there is a group of people who just want to take advantage of the current rewards.

Square Computer is in a separate division of the Square, where they will work on the protocol of bitcoin. What food would you like to see in a computer here? Hash-brownies? QRucola salad?

ThinkingUSD believe that bitcoin is the next time it is going to increase, and he has long held.

Bitcoin Venezuela is a charity that focuses on, you guessed it, Venezuela. With bitcoin and ether, the donations, you can donate. At the local level, the organisation of the life of the Venezuelans for help.
The country has been plagued by a hyperinflationary economy, so that the local currency is rapidly becoming less and less worth it becomes. Bitcoin and other cryptomunten be a way out.

The new Bitcoin News: The sales of bitcoin miners, the measures by The Dutch central Bank, as well as Chinese coffee shops.
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