The price of Bitcoin: Do we Recover the $10,000?

Have already spent 4 days of the Halving, and the price of Bitcoin is still struggling to conquer the precious barrier of the $10,000. Will you be able to conquer it in the short term? That will be the subject of my analysis today. Graph of the price of Bitcoin in the last hour Yesterday we said: ”the Possibility Bullish for the next few hours: +60% | -40% … on the other hand, other indicators, we have detected a certain exhaustion or out of money (or a little projection of cash flow of the Whales, is an indicator that we are dealing with mode of trial) which gives us notice that the $10,000, to return to that dimension, would be insurmountable for today and… Of time. And we see in the graph to 1 Day as it was and widespread, however, as the hours passed, exhaustion. Not touched the 10K, as well as notify. This morning, Spanish time, significant falls… More bounce and little more. And as we continue to 13:35 hs Spanish, time this article. The price of Bitcoin: do we recover the $10,000? We go to our analysis, and what we see…

Analysis of the price of the Bitcoin, short-term (1 to 2 days)

Analysis of the trend in the price of BTC in the short term is Still in Uptrend for the Short Term, but by a hair. Look at the elbow reversed that did fall in the early morning the price of BTCUSD (graph first) and little more: parallel lines = Side List. Indecision fearful for Hikes in these moments. Our Indicator CryptoTrend in INTRADAY: Possible Bullish uptrend for the next few hours: +52% | -48% … Possible to side with attempts of purchases but… don’t we have a lot of faith in the Hikes, said in general, or that we expect for the next few hours. So we answer to our headline: NOT… For today. Must not exceed $10,000 for a Bitcoin; and, perhaps, also not too close.

Analysis of the price of the BTC in the medium term

Analysis of the trend in the price of BTC in the medium term we Continue to remain in Bullish trend for the Medium Term. Undid the twist bass player two days ago and maintains the intended buyer. But for now, today, it seems that has no effect. Let’s hope that does not turn and change to Downtrend… we Believe that you should not.

Analysis of the price of the BTC long-term

Analysis of the trend in the price of BTC in the long term From last Friday is Bullish, and draws firmly. The warning always to keep in mind: To cross the brown line above… It would become a BULLISH trend, and the goal of what we might estimate to $10,000 (minimum) of the BTCUSD.

Conclusion and Possible Trading Strategy

We are on Bullish Trend today (yet)… Or rather List-Bullish light. It is expected volatility.The Medium-Term remains Bullish, we have faith in the 10k again, and that, probably, can surpass them… In the near future. Tenure is a Long-Term Uptrend allows us to venture to say that you should not change to Bearish the Medium Term. Between what is said and the little strength bearish for today… Because the thing should be, if anything, in a correction and wait for the turn to $10,000 in the next few days.Possible strategy: Sell on BOUNCE if any… And if the Spread of our broker allows us: we will get some points…

Scenario overview / Market Timing (Long-Term)

We have happiness and hope and faith and continue shopping. Will we see the $12,000? Likely if nothing changes in the Medium and Long Term, but it will not be for today, or even the possibility of overcoming the 10k. That is what we have and it is what it is… at the moment. Will have to wait for any promotion defined. To know if from this weekend, or… -what was said – to know. Much eye. Everything can be rotated in the Medium/Long-Term for the Global Pandemic. We will have to follow closely our analysis…

To take into account

The author reserves the to reveal what a material of charts and indicators used. Just warn you that using Moving Averages: although it may not be based on the instrument of the Bitcoin, though it did serve to predict the trend of this. I invite you to read my comment of ‘The Market’ in general (Forex, Stock) for now and in the medium term in You can also follow automated analysis (Real-Time) of cryptocurrencies HERE. The information of this content should be taken only for educational purposes, not claiming under any point of view to encourage the purchase / sale of financial instruments.

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