The Russian police closes a company, blasting diverting nearly 200,000 dollars of electricity per month

April 1, 2020 by Clementine

According to the statements of the Russian ministry of the Interior, a corporation of mining of Bitcoin has operated illegally for eight points in electrical networks to compensate for the energy for their activity of blasting. In sum, the company has consumed for close to 200 000 dollars of energy per month from abandoned buildings, and other structures powered.

$ 200,000 of electricity diverted

One of the fiercest battles waged by the authorities against the business of crypto-currency is based on the theft of energy in recent years. In Ukraine, as in Russia, many of the miners exploit the energy resources of the State to use illegally the energy needed for their activities, knowing that the mining of bitcoins is the most energy intensive.
Recently, it is the Russian ministry of the Interior, who reported a case of misuse of power by a group of miners. According to the press release, these suspects had operated a connection of equipment of mining to the country’s electric grid from dilapidated buildings and in other areas supplied with electricity to perform the mining of bitcoins. In this case, close to 200 000 dollars of electricity monthly became siphoned off by the group.

1500 equipment mine confiscated

The consumption of enormous energy by the society of mining is quite understandable, given the number of materials, mining use during the period of operation, according to the police report. In all, nearly 1500 pieces of mining equipment were seized at the time of the search.
In addition, 2 million rubles, as well as electricity meters and smart phones with information incriminating were confiscated. The cases of diversion of fuel for purposes of mining abound in Russia, a situation that has put the government on alert and led to the prohibition of the exercise of any company of payment in crypto by the end of the year.
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