the second-quarter, on average, for nearly 66% of the profit for bitcoin

March is almost coming to an end and that means that we are in the second quarter of 2020, it will. Data from analyst firm Skew indicates that the second quarter is often the most profitable. That is the case this time?

Not even the worst-case quarter

Skew looking at the kwartaalprestaties of bitcoin over the past six years. If the price does not change, then bitcoin is in the quarter with a loss of approximately 10.7%. Interestingly enough, that’s not even the worst of the month. By way of comparison, in 2014, fell to the bitcoinkoers with a 39,4 percent increase. This was due to the uncertainty following the failure of the cryptobeurs Mt. Gox.
However, in the first quarter to allow bitcoin to be more red numbers to see it. Also, in 2015, 2016, and 2018, with lost, bitcoin is gaining a lot of value. In 2018, the price, even with up to 50,7 per cent. In december 2017-was the highlight of the 19.600, the $ 17.875 euro) was achieved.

The average profit to 65.7 per cent

The second quarter shows, there is often a lot better for bitcoin. The average income of the second quarter to 65.7 percent of the time. Last year, a lap of the course to 161,5 per cent as a rocket. Especially the 2nd of april was a beautiful day, and in less than two hours of time, has increased the price of the bitcoin, with more than 22 percent!
What is bitcoin in the coming quarter? One factor that may have played a role, the speed with which the authorities of the spread of the corona virus can be spread. Because of government action, there is a large portion of the economy to a standstill, and this is also reflected in the value of the stock market. The uncertainty slammed into bitcoin, the price peak of 3,800 us dollars (about 3,500 euros) in an all-time low.
Or withdrawing bitcoin is next month, and the stock market? Will there be a new financial crisis, then this is the right time for bitcoin to prove itself as a safe haven, such as gold, that is. In the next few months, however it is also interesting to keep an eye out.

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