The second series C financing of Digital Asset meeting the expected success

February 8, 2020 by Clementine

The triumphs of its first round of series C financing, which ended to the tune of $ 35 million in the month of December last, has highly motivated Digital Asset to the launch of a new fund-raising.

The investors found their accounts

According to a recent press release, the second round of funding, series C of Digital Asset has already received the support of major companies such as Samsung Venture Investment Corporation, or Salesforce Ventures.
Commenting on the obvious success of his company, Yuvol Rooz, the co-founder and CEO of Digital Asset, has argued in the press release :

“Salesforce Ventures and Samsung joining our cycle of series C financing demonstrate the potential that the tech giants see in DAML as the standard for intelligent contracts “.

In fact, this round of funding will be devoted to the implementation of the system DALM (Digitalt Asset Modeling Language), which is an open-source project used in software Blockchain. Digital Asset will develop new services adapted to this mode of treatment of contract smart.

A fundamental lack in human capital

Apart from the issues of funding, Digital Asset also focuses on the bailout of his team to be a staff the best qualified. And for proof, the choice of the company was arrested on Susan Hauser, a veteran of the technology, to join its board of directors.
With his 28 years of service at Microsoft, Susan Hauser hopes to make a difference in the adoption of intelligent contracts. It should be remembered that Hauser had already served as a consultant for Digital Asset in the past.

“During my tenure as advisor of the Digital Asset, I quickly learned how much the contracts smart transformers could be for a variety of use cases in different sectors. We will see the adoption of intelligent contracts and languages such as DAML take off in the near future “, she argued.

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