The Simpsons and Sheldon Cooper will talk about the cryptocurrencies in new episode

Eleven years have passed since the birth of the first criptomoneda. Since then much water has run. The underlying technology has expanded and with it, the capabilities of the criptoactivos have grown, impacting on the whole world.Everything seems to indicate that Bitcoin is ready to make the leap to mass adoption and The Simpsons, which is considered the animated series most influential in television history, is determined to make its contribution to a segment that was posted on Twitter and that is causing a stir in the criptocomunidad.The 13th episode of season 31 of the Simpsons that will premiere in north America this February 23, 2020, is titled “Frinkoin”, in which the scientist of the series, Frink, develops a criptomoneda with which he achieved the overthrow of the lord Burns as the richest man in Springfield.In a brief section of the episode it shows the version Simpson Jim Parsons, the actor behind Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory, explaining the technology of the cryptocurrencies.In a promotional video, Parson talks about the importance of the chain of blocks and a basic way how it works. Although in reality it manages to capture all of the fact as such and no explanation could be regarded as an educational material. About it, a Twitter user pointed out: “the explanation sucks, but the video is funny.”The criptocomunidad has already viralizado the video and some show her astonishment at the way in which the animated series, with a whole generation captive grown on 30 years of transmission, we devoted a whole episode to the cryptocurrencies. “It is amazing to see already that bitcoin does not have a CEO, or a marketing department or advertising,” said another user.As part of the culture that has been created around The Simpson believes that the series has a special power to predict the future, because, coincidence or not, the jokes that have happened in the program in the past, occur years after the fact. Among these predictions are the references to the video, the use of smartwatch (watch wise), or events like the attack on the twin towers, among others.Image: capture YouTubeAhora, many consider the episode of the cryptocurrencies, where it is pointed out that it is the money of the future, is a prediction of what will happen.In fact, there are already several comments on Twitter that revolve around it, as the user wrote: “So it has been foretold, so shall it be, as all the things that The Simpson have prophesied!”.This is not the first time that the criptocomunidad highlights how The Simpsons make reference to the cryptocurrencies, as it was the year 1997 when the family yellow made a nod to the criptoactivos, through the ads of one of the shops that appeared in the program.In terms of the discovery of this hidden message came to light, immediately some comments pointed out that “crypto” could be referring to cryptography, which existed long before Bitcoin. However, it is curious that the poster included the inscription “the right password or the correct password, which can only be associated with cryptocurrencies.