The streamers of platforms for adults trust in the Bitcoin

The streamers rely on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, because it’s more secure for your finances.

The creators of this type of mature content are called “streamers” of the word “streaming” which means to transmit. Since these pages work with adult content, that these girls are published in real time, and users pay to access the same.

Thus, the users make virtual transfers to be able to access the content.

However, since the quarantine world began, creators of content have had to deal with inconveniences that will only complicate their work. Allowing the Bitcoin reach places never intended.

Savannah Only: the creator of adult content that you opt for the Bitcoin

Savannah is one of the “streamers” most popular of the famous website for Streaming called “OnlyFans”. And even though you only started your account OnlyFans in January 2020, within a few months became one of the main people with earnings on the platform in its category.

During the first few months, things were going well for the amount of digital money that I was getting, and the “wallets” online we were working without any problem, despite the fact that many of his colleagues had reported failures in their payments, or losses of money that its users sent.

Savannah explained in an interview with Leigh Acct of CoinDesk, all the mishaps that tend to affect the creators of content mature, that spurred them to focus their earnings in Bitcoins, commenting that some streamers rely on the criptomoneda.

I had never before used Bitcoin because he trusted in platforms such as OnlyFans and Cash App for the banking services on regular basis. She said that some artists have been temporarily chipped, or have lost access to their funds.

Thus, although Savannah has been lucky, he decided to learn the criptomundo, therefore, the payments in cryptocurrencies have become a rage among the creators of the content of these pages.

What the cryptocurrencies are now the fixed option for these creators?

Although, the rumor that the currency is decentralized more popular, it was a safe bet to protect their savings, has been playing with intensity among the originators of this type of adult content, not all have made the transition from Fiat money to Bitcoin.

This, he explains to Savannah, it is because “to understand the workings of Bitcoin and mining, it is not anything simple. And for this reason, it has not generated enough confidence among the other artists on these platforms.”

Also, he explained that he discovered the criptomoneda for excellence, after that a couple of its subscribers more faithful to give to tip in Bitcoins. And although there are very few users that do this, they caused a positive impact in Savannah.

“Customers who give you money directly tend to be usual, great admirers… 5% of my customers account for 90% of my income,” said Li. “There are not many artists who accept Bitcoins from clients directly, because they don’t know their use.”

In addition, Savannah mentioned that still not have been offered Bitcoins as a fixed payment, but as gratuities extra.

She is still trying to understand some of the basic concepts of technicians to manage their own business and pointing to the criptomundo. But he says that, if all the artists understand how to use it, the streamers of security and trust in the Bitcoin.

Chains of technical support between the artists of these platforms

Anything else relevant that Savannah explained, is that, while, within the platform there is still a lot of artists interested in the cryptocurrencies, there are a few that are not only responsible for promoting the use of Bitcoin and others.

These artists are dedicated to explain to the other content creators how it works Crypto.

For example, a consulting firm booking of subscriptions with these artists, called Jo, has been helping content creators to capture and assess customers for two years, said that some women were you paid in 2019 to help them to use Bitcoin.

The advertising campaign of Bitcoin lasted a few months, on a web site that only accepts Bitcoin. This is generally uncommon. Jo said that it was a nuisance.

Finally, she explained that she believes that the Bitcoin is an excellent way to ensure the payment of legal content offers.

As you know many cases of colleagues who steal the content, through trickery with the bank, where the user intended to buy the material, requested the bank to reverse the payment, stealing the content virtually.

Savannah is only a sample of the malleability of Bitcoin, demonstrating that the criptomoneda is the future for the savings of every individual.

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