The technology Blockchain becomes the ally favorite Boeing

Boeing is committed to eliminate, or at least to minimize the possibilities of accident tragic of its devices. To do this, the giant of aviation has contracted the services of GoDirect Trade, the platform of the supply chain based on the Blockchain, in order to help track the origin of the parts used for the construction of its devices.

Ensure supplies and sales

The partnership was announced on the occasion of the event Hyperledger Global Forum 2020, held in Arizona. Boeing wanted to seal a new contract in order to comply with international safety standards in place, including for the procurement of supplies.
The role of the platform blockchaînisée is also used to interface to liquidate unsold inventories of parts for the construction of devices, or those that are considered obsolete. Boeing has already been able to sell parts for an amount of more than a billion dollars through the platform of market GoDirect Trade last weekend, according to the assertions of Lisa Butters, the ceo of Honeywell.

Reduce the paperwork in the aerospace sector

As a general rule, each room in the aircraft construction industry is accompanied by a number of documents, as the equivalent of a birth certificate, allowing companies to determine the legitimacy of each piece. But the paper also complicates the transfer of these physical documents, given that a piece of ordinary changes hands on average four times before being completely out of use, and that the documents follow the same flow.
In order to efficiently manage the time and eliminate possible data leakage, causing a high risk of tampering, the technology Blockchain is presented as being the best way to effectively manage the production at the giant of the aviation industry.
The technology Blockchain is therefore deployed in order to facilitate the transfer of these documents safely, by moving each mesh of the supply chain to the platform, Honeywell.
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