The technology Blockchain is interested in the development of virtual reality

While one praises the merits of the Blockchain, the technology of virtual reality also knows the same expansion. If these two kinds of technology were able to each make their way to earn a place on the market, the experts of the Blockchain began to stroke the idea to participate in the development of virtual reality (VR).

The digital is a real asset

Operating according to the principle of a large book distributed, the technology Blockchain would be as being a real resource to exploit for the virtual reality.
The Blockchain and the crypto-currencies can be used as a way to allow users to invest beyond the limits imposed by physical transactions, as the daily life of the people is currently marked by the presence of the entities virtual.
Radoslav Dragov, the senior research analyst for the european analysis of International Data Corporation, has argued in this regard :

“The use of the Blockchain to create a digital representation of a real active trader can provide greater accessibility to assets that can not be easily exchanged or require a minimum investment high. The tokenization of illiquid assets such as real estate, for example, enables many people to invest small amounts of money in a particular property, and then sell the chips on the secondary market. “

The biggest advantage of the adoption of crypto-currencies would be the ease of access to investors. In addition, the technology Blockchain would be in addition to a high level of security in the area of virtual reality, given that it is almost impossible to forge the digital currency and that each participant in the transaction leaves a traceability that one can easily check.

Many projects VR incorporate the Blockchain

Convinced that the Blockchain has virtues that are significant for their success, the new projects focusing on the virtual reality show live their interest in technology. These include the Decentraland, the Lands by Sandbox Games, the CryptoVoxels and even Somnium Space.
There are a couple of months ago, some disturbing news has been circulating within the crypto-community in which users Decentraland have already spent over a million dollars in digital.
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