The Telegram launches a-Gram, token, within two months, the BTC Immediately

A Telegram was at last ready to make their own token to pass it. And so, after more than $ 1 billion have to be picked up by one of the world’s most successful and ICO’s.

Altcoins are still not dead

At this moment, there are thousands of different kinds of tokens, and encryption programs on the market. This die is there are a lot of you, but there are still more coins to be built. Through various exchanges, there will be new coins in the. Remember, the Initial Exchange Offerings (idp internally displaced person’s).
And as we all know, Facebook is also working on their own cryptocurrency: Libra. At the moment, they have the winds of public opinion seems to have turned against their plan.
The Telegram is also included in the socialmediahoek, therefore, it is interesting to note in this coinrelease to keep an eye on.

Gram, Token,

Last year came the news that the Telegram was a private token and wanted to spend it. Within a few months, she made an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of about 1.7 billion dollars.
Compare this to Facebook, and Uber, which were, respectively, seven, and five-year, $ 1 billion in the rst.

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A critique

Tall trees catch much wind, this Telegram was received at the time, but a lot of critics. There was not even a working prototype. However, from this, investors will not have to get involved. It seems as if investors are finally being rewarded. A Telegram has announced that they will sometime in the next two months-their-Gram tokens to spend.


In addition, it says a Telegram, too, that the wallet is the app in the Telegram is also almost finished. The good news is for all of the 300 + million users. The giant is hoping that the G-token, cross-border payments will be easier, which makes transfer a lot easier. For this purpose, it is similar to that in the white paper, of the Balance of state.
The first batch of tokens, that is, at the latest, on the 31st of October will be released. The tokens are on your own blockchain, of the Telegram, the Telegram will be Open to the Network (TON).

Gram of marketing

The Button wallet is the first wallet, you are Grams, and can manage it. This can be used as a sort of test for the rest of the network, and, of course, in co-operation with the Telegram.
Alex Safonov, the co-founder of the Button to the Wallet):

The biggest obstacle of the computer has been a massive take-up. What we have created, will help you to get accustomed with the trading in the cryptocurrency, without the real money is to be used. With all the fanfare surrounding the Balance of digital currency by Facebook, there was no easy way for you to get in touch with a computer, to the present day. To the Button and the Wallet, and the cable to Open the Network.

In contrast, the Balance is in Gram, absolutely no stablecoin. The value is determined on the basis of supply and demand.

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