The UFC, collectors ‘ items, and the game is on the blockchain, by the makers CryptoKitties – Breaking News

The Ultimate Fighting Championship better known as UFC, has a licentiepartnerschap closed with a Brave and Labs. The latter is in a blockchain startup, which is best known for the development of the game, CryptoKitties.

Not redeemable tokens

In CryptoKitties was, above all, the collection of digital cats and kittens. They were all unique and had, therefore, come without a price. The digital creatures were not able to be copied due to the use of a non-fungible tokens. Each of the digital cat, can be seen as a token, and tokens are not convertible to each other, such as, for example, you have one coin for another change.
The online game is so popular is that the game is in december 2017, and the blockchain of Ethereum is temporarily flattened. Due to the huge demand for the ether of the network, it is quite heavy. Then, there’s still a real hype around the CryptoKitties was able to network it just isn’t up to you.

Flow has its own blockchain for the UFC

This technique is also used in the digital and collector’s items from the vechtorganisatie the UFC to be developed. Brave the Labs, and built specifically for Flow, with a private blockchain, which already in september 2019, saw the light of day. Because of this, they are no longer dependent on Ethereum. For this blockchain to build, took a Brave and Labs, as in the previous year to 11.2 million dollars.
According to the official press release, the two companies have ” a new digital experience that UFC fans all over the world and provide opportunities to access the digital collectible of the UFC brand to buy, trade, and possession of it.’
Tracey Bleczinski, senior vice-president of the UFC, the worldwide consumer products said:

The UFC is delighted to be working with a Brave and Labs in order to create a new form of digital collectibles to offer at our world-wide fan base.

This is not the first time that the UFC is a co-operation to cryptopartij. By the end of 2018 was a Litecoin one of the official sponsors of the titelgevecht of the UFC.
At present, there are three active UFC heavyweights Alistair Overeem and Stefan Struve, and the female featherweight, Germaine de Randamie. The Belgian fighters involved in the UFC his welterweight Tarec Saffiedine, and the female bantamweight Cindy Dandois.

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