The United Arab Emirates to adopt the Blockchain for managing medical data

February 4, 2020 by Antoine

In the context of the introduction of the management of medical information that is secure and reliable, the ministry of Health and Prevention of the United Arab Emirates (MoHAP) has launched a platform for Blockchain storage of health data. The objective of the institution would be in line with the application of this technology in the branch of public Health on the same basis as other government entities that have already adopted the Blockchain.

The Blockchain in the service of Health

While nearly 80% of government entities in the uae have taken the step to implement the technology of storing immutable data (or the Blockchain) in their services, the MoHAP accompanied by the ministry of presidential Affairs, the Dubai Healthcare City and other institutions related to health have also been launched in the race.
Following the news item relayed, the platform advanced by the Ministry would respond to a need to modernise, and above all security of confidential medical data via the storage technology is unchanging. In this perspective, the validity and reliability of data will be ensured by a decentralised and encrypted, ” says a head of the Department of public health policies.

The WATER en route to the operating depth of the projects IA

The launch of the Blockchain to manage the health data is among the major objectives of the WATER in the context of the transition to the new digital technologies and specifically the exploitation of artificial intelligence.
Commenting on the evolution of the public Health sector to this ecosystem, Dr. Amiri of the ministry of Health and the Prevention of Policy and licensing of public Health said :

“The transition to the technologies of the AI is in conformity with the directives of the wise leadership to make the uae a global model at the forefront in the confrontation proactive to future challenges and focus on smart healthcare. Projects based on the IA will play a key role in improving the capacity of health services and in the provision of medical solutions smart, and strategy of artificial intelligence “.

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