The upcoming “Genesis”-Hard-Fork of Bitcoin SV a further price Pump?

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) has received this month, the lion’s share of attention. Also yesterday, BSV was one of the best Altcoins, and an incoming Hard Fork could be the driving force.
BSV has a 12%price the $300 mark increase again exceeded and it is one of the Performa Coins of the day yesterday test. The Bitcoin branch is also one of the best performing digital currencies in the year 2020 – an increase of 230% in the last 30 days.
The previous gains were all associated with rumors that Satoshi-Claimant Craig Wright would have access to a “Tulip Fund”, the Bitcoin made the Mining of the first days – in the value of millions of dollars. The Pump was then exposed as Wash Trading by questionable exchanges. But is this happening again?


On 4. February will see Bitcoin SV a Hard Fork, as close as possible to the original Bitcoin Protocol, to build. The Fork with the code name “Genesis” was, according to official announcement, more of a restoration for an Upgrade.
For this purpose, the promotional video of the founding President, Jimmy Nguyen:

“A world in which data, transactions, and digital activities of all kinds in a single public Blockchain ‘on-chain’ can be, how the world works online in a single public Internet.”

What follows is a further adoration for the project, which still claims to be the original Bitcoin. The Hard Fork will bring about three Main Changes.
First, Genesis will remove the default limit on block sizes, which theoretically allows a larger volume of transactions. It is more likely to be the responsibility of the miners as the Protocol developers, to manage the consensus on the block size and the transaction capacity of the BSV-network.
Secondly, the Fork aims of the developers, Changes made on the development of Bitcoin to re-establish and to eliminate all artificial boundaries. He will also try to remove the Changes – although this is very controversial, because the developers have different opinions about which parameters are the most for the network in the advantageous.
And finally, the Hard Fork will stabilize the log by it, the promise of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Vision of Bitcoin in the year 2009. Nguyen, a stable rule is created by it “sentence that provides that a money or data transaction, which is today carried out on the Blockchain, will be in two, five and 100 years ago”.

How the market reacts

All of this could be another Trick to draw attention to the often failed respected BTC-winning spin-off to. The crypto community is deeply divided – most of them are of the opinion that BSV is a Scam-Coin. Many of the large exchanges, Binance about, not lead, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization at all.
The BSV-prices have already started to move in anticipation of the Hard Forks, but in all probability the Coin will fall again as soon as the was running.
BSV has lost since the Tulip-Fund-Pump last week, already 30%, and high volumes of ticket exchanges are highly questionable.

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