The venezuelan actor, Fernando Carrillo, promotes alleged scam with cryptocurrencies

Key facts:

The actor will be the picture for Latin America in the course criptoactivo, FF Token. Both the project and its promoter chinese are singled out for raising funds in a fraudulent manner. The venezuelan actor Fernando Carillo announced this Monday, April 27 that he will leave aside his artistic career to devote himself full time to the promotion of the alleged draft criptomoneda, FF Token. This is a course criptoactivo-related events, fight sports and reality show, known as the “Fight-to-Fame” —translated into English as “Fight for fame”—; in the that amateurs, in theory, can support the participants in acquiring the currency. Quoted by digital media of Mexico, the country in which you reside today Carrillo, the actor explained that the project has potential. He said, furthermore, that, with time, will become the next bitcoin, the first and main criptomoneda of the market. “We’re going to launch into the mexican market 40 million of cryptocurrencies, we sold in Peru 37.5 million (…) Now we want to expand in Latin America and generate great wealth here, this is backed up by the game companies, games, gambling, casinos and shows,” said the artist who lideraría, from this Friday 1 may, the expansion in the region. In the web site “Fight to Fame” has already been announced to Carrillo as one of its partners. The own Carrillo indicated that the promoter of the project, the chinese Jianxiang (Morgan) Shi, is sought by Interpol for “accusations” that are not clarified, but according to him it would be a mount. When you perform a search in the web site of the international police it is observed that the citizen of asian origin is sought with circular red for the “crime of unlawful collection of funds by fraudulent means”. The newspaper The Wall Street Journal published, in may of last year, that Shi was a fugitive chinese who was “living large” in Los Angeles. According to the means of communication, the Chinese authorities were accusing of committing fraud and cause the disappearance of billions of dollars.

A project with many loose ends

On the official website of “Fight to Fame” is a link called “FF Token”. However, no details are provided on the criptoactivo as the total emission possible, what type of token it is, or if it is available a white paper of the project. A search on reflects that there was a “FF token” of the type CKD-20 with a maximum emission of 500 million units and 2.073 holders, although its price is zero dollars and the contract smart connected does not show operations in more than 190 days. To not offer more information about the course criptoactivo could not establish a direct relationship with the “Fight to Fame”. According to a report of Cointelligence, “Fight To Fame” is another fraud from blockchain. The information service noted that Shi would have cheated 1,500 million dollars in your country with Ponzi schemes before coming to the united States in the year 2016. Sometimes, the world of cryptocurrencies is used by fraudsters or companies for trolley case to promote systems fraudulent that promise high returns with a small investment. This before you wake up interest, you may generate doubts as it is unlikely that a person invest $ 100 and in a few days to get back to 1000 dollars in winnings, for example. In these cases, the most advisable thing is to educate yourself about bitcoin, about how to work cryptocurrencies and trust in recognized companies within the ecosystem. That someone out of this industry say that their project is the next bitcoin, it could be a sign of weakness on what is being promoted.

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