The XRP can be used for income useful

The crypto-currency, XRP is in the Crypto-field in if unique, by currencies, the only one of the current top 3 Crypto, behind a genuine company. Accordingly, Ripple is struggling with the effects of the Coronavirus to other Coins that are completely decentralized. Already last week, CEO Brad garlinghouse had commented on it on Twitter and announced that his Team also work remotely. Now Ripple power back with News on the topic of “Covid-19” headlines and as a model for other companies and private individuals. How, specifically, the Crypto-company is trying to participate in the fight against the pandemic, you can find out here now!

Ripple will donate in the fight against the pandemic

Ripple followed with its products and its crypto-currency, XRP an, in certain aspects, almost altruistic goal. It would simplify the cross-border payment transactions for people and for these to save costs. That is, for example, especially migrants, who work abroad and regularly money in your home to transfer.This altruistic attitude, if you will, expanding Ripple even further and announced via a Twitter Post that the company is donating a total of $ 200,000 in 2 local emergency Fund. It reads as follows:

In these challenging times is determined Ripple to be part of the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We start in our own backyard, with donations of $ 100,000 to the COVID-emergency funds @tippingpoint and the COVID-regional response Fund from @siliconvalleycf.

In a further Post Ripple goes even a step further and also calls other people, it is up to the companies to do the same. Donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund to the WHO. Unanswered is the question of whether Ripple pays the sums of money perhaps even in the XRP, even if it seems unlikely to remain.

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Not alone in the fight against the Coronavirus

The measures of fit, apparently, is good for the corporate image of Ripple. Already last week, Brad Galinghouse not spoke to in one of his Posts on Twitter, that it would be in these times the forgotten are in Need. His company would do, by working in these times that people can send money home to their loved ones.

But Ripple is in the Crypto area should not help alone, with the donations in the fight against the Coronavirus. The world’s largest Crypto has started-Exchange Binance recently, a “Crypto against COVID” campaign, and even 1 million USD donated.So little individual companies and the Crypto-sphere against the pandemic can do, so important the donations are. Would be nice also, if these Gestures would somehow RUB off on the Image of Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum and co. and the Mainstream crypto-currencies only as a means for Criminals to stamp would.You look better Videos to read the article? Then look at our Youtube Channel over.(Image Source: Shutterstock)

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