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In the last few months and years, financial derivatives such as options and Futures for cryptography have gained in importance. As a result, the data from these markets have shown more and more of the direction in which the traders tend.

A typical example: Until recently, it was reported of one Top option stock market, investors start to be in the long term, in the case of Ethereum bullish.

Deribit reported that investors in long-term Ethereum-buy Calls

In Deribits latest weekly report of the derivatives market reveals that it had recently been “structural changes in [the] option market” for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The company writes that, in addition to the rising Trading volume is also an influx of “long-term Call-buying” in ETH have taken place.

Call options, how Investopedia describes financial contracts that “give the buyer the right but not the obligation”, to buy the asset “at a specific price within a certain period of time” to.

Basically Deribit says that there are a growing number of traders, in the long run on Ethereum bullish – although ETH is still about 80 percent below its all-time high of 2018.

Other records confirm the growing positive mood among the growing ranks of Ethereum investors.

As previously reported, also found out the Blockchain Analytics company Santiment that the ETH-accumulation has increased in some of the “whale”addresses in the last few weeks.

Graph of the ETH-Whales, the Blockchain Analytics company Santiment


“ETH-Waladressen have not just reached a 10-month High, where the accumulated stock of the 100 best listed Wallets has a stock exchange now 21.800.000 Ethereum”

There are reasons for ETH to be optimistic

Although it is basically impossible to say why in particular, Deribit traders accumulate suddenly, ETH-Call-options, there is a coincidence of the fundamental reasons why analysts are suddenly on Ethereum bullish.

The founder of the myth of Capital, Ryan Sean Adams, has recently commented that the ETH was “double” under-valued.

Adams back to his bullish attitude is largely on the image below, in accordance with the ETH-prize closely, with the transaction fees is correlated, the Ethereum-paid users in the last four or five years for the processing of your transactions.

The Ethereum transaction fees have soared in recent weeks along with the Bitcoin fees in the amount – and the evidence suggests that ETH has room to move upwards.

ETH-price vs. Ethereum-block space-fees

In addition to the increasing use of Ethereum, analysts have noted in recent weeks that more and more fundamental arguments for a decentralized financial management will be according to.

This is a Trend that Ethereum will benefit, since it is the De-facto Blockchain for DeFi-applications.

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