Therefore, China is in terms of Crypto and the Blockchain before the United States

It is no secret that China would like to get involved in matters of new disruptive technologies, including Crypto and Blockchain, have very in the front. Fittingly, the head of state of China, Xi Jinping, last year announced that his country would be the leading Blockchain-Nation. At the same time, the resistance, the Facebook Libra project experiences shows, that the US crypto-currencies and Blockchain are still very critical. Is ahead of China the US, for example, far? In a new Interview with Brad garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple says that he is excited by the Regulatory requirements in China. We summarize his statements. A lot of fun!

Ripple CEO looks to China from the USA

When it comes to Brad garlinghouse as CEO of Ripple, is ahead of China in the United States in terms of Ragulation of Crypto and the Blockchain. This is due to the very well-advanced efforts in the country around his own crypto currency or digital Yuan.

This is from his statements in an Interview of 17. July, in which he commends the efforts of China in terms of Crypto and Blockchain – regulation.

In a way, I have reverence for it. (…) These technologies can in fact be very fundamental for the future functioning of financial systems, and you want to make sure that you have the skills, the underlying.

As an example of the Ripple co-founder pulled the supremacy of China in terms of Mining Power in the Bitcoin and Ethereum network, which is partly due to the regulation. But why the theme is who in terms of Crypto and Blockchain at the front is important at all?

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How to use the Internet in the 1990s

Again and again, crypto currencies and the Blockchain technology is its disruptive Potential with the Internet compared to 20 years ago. Suitable for this purpose, the Ripple Boss explains how American regulatory clarity in relation to the Internet technology has fostered the rise of the area in the early 1990s and made the country a leading player.

Twenty-five years ago the United States was a leader in making the Internet what it is today, but part of it came from the clarity of the rules.

In recent weeks, developments in China have reinforced the aspirations of the country to be by 2022, a “global Blockchain Hub” to. In the past week in the Eastern Chinese city of Suzhou more than 140 public administration were connected to services in a Blockchain System. The development was carried out two weeks after the district Zhejiang had laid the Foundation stone for the ambitious Blockchain-service network (BSN).

Also, Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen has appreciated the Chinese efforts in the past in a similar way. According to him, China to us (the USA) advance is “so far”, while he stressed the $ 1.4 trillion that has put the country for emerging technologies such as Blockchain available.

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