These 3 hurdles must be overcome in Bitcoin now, to get back to 10,000 dollars

Bitcoin is still on a course of expansion that will bring the price into new orders of magnitude. But if the leading Asset want to be able to reach a five-digit prices, it must go through some important resistance values.

It creates a Bitcoin on the resistance at $8.700?

The price movement yesterday, Tuesday, brought BTC from the recent Stagnation in order to $8.100 to just under $8.700, which is the first of the major resistance levels. Up to this level, all other milestones have been adopted quickly, as it came to a liquidation of bearish Shorts.
This particular price-point has pushed Bitcoin in the past, on three different occasions, and after each downward correction, with a strong increase takes place.
Bitcoin is still relatively range-oriented, with prices constantly on the level of Resistance. BTC has stopped at about $8.792, withdrawn and tried the resistance of $8.700 to break through. Shortly thereafter, the Bitcoin prices broke out above this range up to $8.718 – and that might indicate a major breakout rally or a pullback below the resistance level.
The other two resistance values seem to be $9.350 and $9.940. Both levels had in the last 9 months, a strong impact on the Bitcoin price.

The current rally looks strong

Bitcoin manages to quickly reach new highs, and new resistance levels are expected to be relatively soon. In 2019 BTC has reached the end of December lows around $7.000-Region, and the new year, he begins with a clear tendency.

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The $9.400-brand is fast becoming a much-anticipated area for BTC-Trader should close the cops successfully, the current upper limit of $8.700. At this price level between July and September, significant Support was in the last year, it was based on the BTC price after three strong downward fluctuations.
A break of this level would produce a solid support for Bitcoin, because the cops take the fabled $10K target.
From then on, the last hurdle for a Bitcoin price at $10k is likely to be the 9.900 $-brand around. A glance at the above chart shows that This level has played for Bitcoin also has a key role in the Support in the third quarter of 2019.
Perhaps even more important is that this level was strong resistance during Bitcoins trial, at the November rally, climbing back above the $10,000 mark. Any money that is trapped on this level, is likely to be dumped on the market, once this level is reached again.

The best January since 2012

With prices around $8.700 the excitement of the Trader and the Bot activity could be the main driver of the price action. The new price movements might be slower or faster than expected, since the Interaction of Spot and futures markets discovered the new prices for BTC in the year 2020.
For the time being, Bitcoin is bearish scenarios for sure, however, volatility is not ruled out. In mid-January by BTC breaks the previous January Trend of a price slide and recover to levels that have not been observed in the last three months.

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