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After the Bitcoin Bull has recovered Trend since the capitulation low in March to a little more than 150%, he lost in the last few weeks of travel. Instead of a clear upward trend in the crypto-currency is in a tight Trading Range, with deviations from this range were beating again and again to fail.

Since BTC is still below the resistance of $10,000 to $10,500 for a prisoner, is accompanied by the consolidation with uncertainty in the crypto markets.

A Trader commented that the consolidation, which has seen Bitcoin in the last two weeks has seen the formations before the crash in November 2019 and February 2020 extremely similar.

A growing perfect storm of technical signals shows that BTC is in the coming weeks, ready to rise higher.

Positive signals for Bitcoin

The price action of Bitcoin may have been in the last few weeks lau, a crypto-Trader announced, however, four reasons that BTC could tend to in the coming months later:

Bitcoin has converted the upper end of the range – $9.700 – in support. Every Price drop is strong bought.The “AO”value of Bitcoin is not returned to a value of “0”, indicating that the upward stopped the trend.A series of exponentially moving averages have seen “Golden crosses”. Bitcoin price analysis of the crypto-currency Daytraders Jon CC (@JonCCT on Twitter).

According to the analysts, this indicates that the combination of signs that Bitcoin will rise in early to mid-July for $ 15,000.

The Analyst on the Chart:

“Okay, I give up. I am always trying to find reasons for my slump, but I’m running out of ideas“

The beginning of a larger rally

When Bitcoin exceeds the $ 15,000, this is likely to mark the beginning of a larger rally, so Arthur Hayes of BitMEX. The much-cited industry leader wrote, as a BTC in the last week, the 10,000-Dollar mark by broke:

“The base is starting to be juicy. It is definitely better than earning 0% in the Bank, thank you Jay. But this rally is only real then, when we have cracked the $15,000.“

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Hayes is not identified, why the $15,000 should be so important, but $14,000 of it was the point at which BTC 2019 reaching the top.

The BitMEX CEO expects Bitcoin will reach by the end of 2020 to 20,000 $. Prior to that, he called the influx of “counterfeit money” by Central banks and governments as the reason for this is that the leading crypto-currency will tend in the coming year.

He reiterated this sentiment in a recent Interview with Raoul Pal, of Real Vision, and pointed out how the Stimulus as a catalyst for an upward trend of Bitcoin could work.

Hayes called, in particular, the 1,200-Dollar checks in the US and explained that after people have bought what they needed of food, assets such as stocks and Crypto next had can be bought.

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