Thieves send stolen ETH to 4 addresses

As we reported, was made on Wednesday, again in broad daylight, a Crypto-Exchange of a Hacker attack. This Time, it met the South Korean stock exchange “Upbit” that were lost by the theft 51.700.000 US Dollar. The stolen client funds to be replaced, but the damage remains, the Upbit suffers enormously. As the theft was not enough, sent the Hacker the stolen Ethereum Token, only a day later, on Thursday, 4 new addresses. In addition, you have left the Crypto-Community a message in the Form of an Ethereum transaction…

Dispersing tactics for possible Ethereum exchange?

The 342.000 on Wednesday of Upbit stolen Ethereum, with a total value of over 50 million US dollars a day or so later, moved again, and through the network sent been. The hackers seem to have a kind of “dispersing tactics” to implement. The Ether was shows like the below Screenshot in batches of 10 to 100,000 ETH to 4 different addresses are sent. The address to which the money is the Hack gone yourself, are completely emptied.So far, it is unclear what the Hacker with the Token exactly. According to an analyst who followed the traces of the Hacks on the net, search for the Cyber Criminal to a Crypto-exchange that the Token can exchange. There is already “Test-volume has to be set to” on Huobi gone.

“Elite-Hacker” left a message 1337

The hackers seem to have despite their best efforts the time for a joke or a cryptic message is left. With a very small part of the Ethereum funds, the Criminal played by you are sent several transactions with very small amounts of ETH. This adds up to 0.00001337 and expected to remain from the network due to the low value unconfirmed. The number “1337” stands for “leetspeek” and is used according to some sources, as a Pseudo-language for “Elite” or “Elite-Hacker”.The Hack caused Upbit even more difficulties in the daily business. The stolen customer funds pays according to the CEO of the Exchange of reserves, however, payments will be suspended for 14 days. The Upbit Hack is Once again the proof that trust, the proper Exchange and the right Broker is worth! If you’re still looking, you can see them in our comparison. The best and safest stock market choose for you to opt for the right provider is not always easy. Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at our Bitcoin brokers & exchanges to throw a comparison. Trading on the safest and best exchanges in the world! To VergleichWie you your Coins? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. [Image Source: Shutterstock]

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