This crypto-currency will allow owners to do with the Coronavirus cash

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus that has triggered global shock waves, the tremendous amount of fear is triggered and the global equity and commodity markets, and even the crypto markets office of Bitcoin to be incredibly intense sell-off prompted.
Some prominent analysts have noted that the indicator in the global sellout due to the escape of investors from risk assets is raised in favour of cash.
Now a small ERC-20-Token trying to the investors of the rapid spread and the subsequent destruction of the COVID – 19 benefit, which led many viewers to make the Moral of the whole project in question.

Coronavirus to spread, WHO raises the global level of risk

The Coronavirus has been recorded in the last days and weeks of an intense growth rate and is now found in 29 countries.
The rapid spread of the Virus from its country of origin, China has led many to claim that it was only a matter of time until it developed into a full-blown pandemic – something that is already happening in California.
The world health organization has now downgraded its global assessment of the consequences of the Virus to “very high” high.
The WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Friday morning in a Briefing to:

“We have now increased our assessment of the proliferation risk and the risk of the impact of COVID-19 at the global level, to very high values.”

This in turn has chased investors shiver down the spine – and the global stock indices, the aggregated crypto-market, and even some of the so-called “safe investments” such as Gold and other precious metals are all broke.

Crypto-currency will allow investors to benefit from COVID-19

In a recent Reddit post, the recent publication of the ERC20 is described-compliant Token with the name CoronaCoin in detail. As it is, should investors can now “put on the Coronavirus pandemic by investing in CoronaCoin: The more the Virus spreads, the more valuable the Token is”.
The Token stock is burned on the basis of the total number of COVID-19-related deaths and infections, reducing the value of the CoronaCoin is bloated.
The idea has, however, in the case of investors with all too much enthusiasm, since many of the Respondents described the concept as “disgusting” and “tasteless”, a user called “amoral”.
The idea is to benefit from the death and destruction caused by viruses, is purely morbid, conceptually right, so it is unlikely that this Token will be used in the future to any significant extent, and accepted, in contrast to Bitcoin.

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