This cryptobeurs provides $ 400 million of stolen bitcoins – Breaking News

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex offers a choice of over 400 million dollars to anyone with information about the stolen bitcoins. In August 2016, will have hackers, at least 120 000 bitcoin stolen on Bitfinex. That is $ 400 million, it is also valid for the hackers, if you decide to get cryptocurrency to give back.

Bitfinex offers rewards to its users

Yesterday it allowed Bitfinex to know them through their web site, that is, they can hold up to 400 million dollars is offered to people who are in the exchange, to be in contact with the hackers in the attack, which took place in August of 2016. The main purpose of which is to show that they have the incentive to provide and in order to show that the company does everything he can to take the lost property to be acquired.

In August 2016, the platform will 119.755 of BTC from their wallet, and since that time, there were major changes to the show introduced in order to make sure that they can’t be hacked, can be used. Since then, it is not only the Bitfinex safe, and the whole computer industry has taken. A lot of cryptobeurzen to have their systems improved, the number of successful attacks over the last few years, is reduced.

Hackers should also be given to

The users that have information on hackers, provide, receive five per cent, of the total of the recovered bitcoins. But the hackers aren’t poor at it, they will get 25% of the restoration of the cryptocurrency s. The hacker must be able to 1 satoshi (and a one-hundred-millionth of a bitcoin) to a specified email address to confirm that it is the owner of the wallet containing the money.

The company will also explain you about the steps they have taken to:

‘Bitfinex has the security the highest priority for the grant is made. If cryptobeurs, we know that our success is due to a customer base that is loyal to us, to support, in good times and in bad. In the immediate aftermath of the security breach by 2016, the central BFX-tokens to be provided to all affected users.”

More than 52 million BFX-tokens that are ultimately converted into shares of iFinex, which was at the rate of one-to-one. The platform continues to work closely with the officers of the law, the ban on the 2016 trials. These agents are able to in 2016, about 28 bitcoins to restore it, but that’s obviously not enough for the Bitfinex.

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