This hacker leaked, exclusive music in exchange for a single bitcoin (BTC)

The British police have a “hacker” arrested, and that the exclusive demo’s and B-sides have leaked out, and they can be sold for bitcoin (BTC). That the report of the Canadian, the Vancouver Sun, on its web site.

The Hacker sold the music to bitcoin (BTC)

A 19-year-old suspect was arrested in Ipswich, a small city in the east of England after a tip from the New York city police department (Manhattan District Attorney) is eye catching enough. A house in North London is see-through.
There may be multiple defendants involved.

This opsporingsactie is a very important part of our work. These people are suspected of stealing and selling of music and illegal streaming sites.
These actions will lead to a significant financial loss for the musicians.
Nick, Chelsea, spokesperson for London police department

The leaked songs

How does the ball roll? The criminal investigation department, in Manhattan, is inspired by the management of a variety of artists to investigate the case.
In the past few years, there have been several acts with the numbers stolen online have been leaked.
An example of this is Radiohead. The five of us, from Oxford, brought out in 1997, an album with demos and B-sides from the because of a hacker material online, offer with $150,000.
In June, he brought the British band Radiohead is an album of demos and outtakes from 1997, as a reaction to a thief who is said to be the material on sale was for $ 150,000 to more than 135 thousand euros.
A striking fact: by 2015, is a former member of the Israeli version of “American Idol,” was arrested, because he has the numbers of the Madonna, was taken by a hack.
The singer complained that the unfinished songs on the internet for roamed in search of.

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