This is the best day of the week for a Bitcoin Investment

At the beginning of the puzzle the next Bitcoin investment. In the past I often had the feeling that the timing was always wrong. On the same day or the next day, the Bitcoin price fell.

That’s why I wanted to go analytical approach. Is there a way to find the best day for the purchase of Bitcoin?

If I invest on any day of the week, in any week, the probability that I’ll receive the lowest Bitcoin exchange rate is then?

Coinmarketcap offers four different rate values for Bitcoin. The course at the Opening (0:00 UTC or 01:00 PM winter time or 02:00 am daylight saving time in Germany), the Highest and lowest and closing (23:59 UTC and 0:59 or 1:59 PM in Germany).

I certainly would not invest at 02 o’clock in the morning in Bitcoin, it became clear that for any point in time in the course of the day, an average is calculated needs to be. (However, each course was analyzed separately, in order to validate the data.)

Amazingly, the clear result was.

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