This month begins the free course of Hyperledger Fabric for hispanic americans

The chapter Latin american Hyperledger, the blockchain of the Linux Foundation, announced that registration for a free online course on Hyperledger Fabric are open. In the initiative, aimed at developers, and enthusiasts of technology-based blockchain of Latin America and Spain, also participates in the chilean company Business Blockchain.

Breaking News spoke with Ricardo Ruano, co-leader of Hyperledger Latin america, who noted that this course, which starts next August 20, has a practical approach. The same deals with cases of use of blockchains business, implemented through Hyperledger Fabric.

The course includes 11 sessions and will be offered live via zoom and Spanish. Ruano explained that the programme ranges from the technical to the conceptual to advanced aspects such as design of networks blockchain, encryption of chaincodes (contracts smart) and digital identity decentralised. Also addressing the implementation and metrics of Hyperledger Fabric in its version 2.2, points.

The course of Hyperledger Fabric, says Roan, is aimed at senior developers, systems architects, and software engineers with experience in programming and software development. “However, they can also take advantage of this course, students of careers related to past semesters or graduates,” says the executive, and clarifies that the latter should be sure to review and satisfy the prerequisites that are required.

Among the prerequisites that are listed in the description of the course include: basic knowledge of bitcoin and blockchain, and the languages, Golang, Java, or Javascript, and a computer with Linux operating system Ubuntu 18.x or 20.

The inscriptions were opened this Monday, August 10, account Ruano, and enrolled more than 130 participants, said Ruano. The organizers will be given a credential to those who complete the course and, in the same way that is done with the course developer certificate will be awarded certification to those who pass a special examination.

The instructors of this course have been involved in the development of blockchain business with Hyperledger Fabric. They are Bram Dufour and Juan Pablo Ramírez, leaders Blockchain of Bancolombia, and Ricardo Ruano, also the founder of Business Blockchain.

Business Blockchain has three years of experience in offering a course that prepares for certification in Hyperledger Fabric, said Ruano. “The course is aimed at companies that are working on projects with Hyperledger Fabric, including Bancolombia, and the Santiago Stock exchange,” he said.

The course that will be offered free of charge Hyperledger Latin america and Business Blockchain, has the same content as the Course and Certification, “Certified Hyperledger Fabric Developer” we have offered to Latin american companies in the last three years. The idea is to provide participants with the skills and abilities necessary to develop use cases for blockchains business with Hyperledger Fabric.

Ricardo Ruano, founder of Business Blockchain.

For his part, Camilo Molano co-regional leader of Hyperledger Latin america added: “we want to contribute as a community to strengthen the technical knowledge in the blockchain, since that is indispensable in order to materialize innovation initiatives in the region.”

Several courses on blockchain have been organized previously in various Latin american countries. For example, last July, the government of Valle del Cauca in Colombia, announced that it would offer certified courses and free access to the population-loss product of the pandemic Covid-19. The initiative was carried out with an alliance of the governorate with the ministry of Information Technologies and Communications (ICT) and the online education platform Coursera.

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