This Top-Altcoin is the only Survivor in today’s bloodbath on the markets

The prices of the crypto-Assets are now slipped on a broad Front, the market is still full of Surprises. Above all, a leading Altcoin has managed to survive the crash unscathed.

Market downturn erases in a week, 25% of all Altcoins

ChainLink (LINK) was not only one of the few Assets in the green area, the Coin has maintained its small increase even as other currencies ever deeper sank. LINK is on a weekly Basis, more than 9% decreased, but the loss compared to the corrections of most of the other leading Altcoins is significantly lower.
Since Bitcoin (BTC) is fallen below of 8,700 dollars, and you are the Altcoins on a broad Front. However, LINK has the Tradition to defy the markets, and to achieve, on the basis of a very active trading in the short term, significant gains.
LINK also responds to rumors about partnerships and the increased use of the ChainLink-Oracle.
The last message, which triggered an increase in price, in connection with a possible partnership between the ChainLink and Tezos (XTZ).

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In the short term, this has led to a rise in the price of a LINK to 3.97 $ and over 45,000 Satoshi. The LINK-Trading is located in the vicinity of peak values, with more than 450 million dollars in 24 hours. The LINK-prices are also of a very active community driven, expect an even higher valuation.
The asset is also due to his inclination to tend towards the market dynamics. LINK has obtained this Friday more attention, as it is the case Trend counteracts.

The Chainlink-the project was able to expand its influence, in addition, by offering Oracle services for multiple protocols. The polka dot Protocol has recently announced a partnership with Chainlink, which develops the leading Oracle service logs on the Basis of Ethereum.

Link-the derivatives market is the price action

LINK is still far from its peak of around 4,80 dollars. The Coin, however, has shown that he can recover closer to the top of the range. At the Moment, LINK is the only winner, even more impressive than the XTZ rally. LINK allows for both the short-term Trading, as well as a long-term “HODL”behavior in anticipation of higher prices.

LINK is also very liquid, based on the Messari-developed measure of the “liquidity market cap”. While LINK is one of the few Altcoins with a market capitalization of $ 1.3 billion, the market capitalization for the liquid market, with 3.9 billion dollars. LINK is also one of the few plants with a highly active derivative market on Binance.
The very high liquidity shown in the LINK explains trading, the other Altcoins exceeds. The adjusted Trading volume is around $ 145 million per day. The recent LINK-rally, therefore, is the product of a derivatives market, as well as a strong community participation in physical Coins.

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