Tim Draper: It Bitcoin will be the savior of the world!

Bitcoin crashed with force together with the global financial market, leading many to doubt the potential of the criptomoneda to serve as a refuge. However, Tim Draper said that Bitcoin (BTC) has the ability to save the world. This march 16, the investor billionaire, Tim Draper, participated in an interview on the podcast number 415 of Stories. There he described the decentralization driven by Bitcoin is a tool with the “ability to transform the world’s largest industries“. Podcast 415 Stories in which it participates Tim Draper.

Bitcoin will be who will save us, not the governments or the banks

In this way, Draper ensures that during and after a financial crisis, Bitcoin (BTC) will be one of the most important tools for mankind to overcome the approaching crisis. Referring to the interview, Draper said on Twitter:

“Entreténganse for a while while they hold. When the world returns, it will be Bitcoin, not banks and governments, who will save the day”.

Draper showed his confidence in the new technologies, from Bitcoin to the Artificial Intelligence (AI), since these will be able to completely transform all industries, from banking to health care. In this way, Draper explained his point of view: “for example, you could start an insurance company with an IA actuary to determine the fraud and contract smart with Bitcoin and put it all in the chain of blocks”. Without a doubt, Draper is one of the experts visionaries who create new ideas designed to transform the way in which we live in today.

Who is Tim Draper?

Is the Co-founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson Venture Company, however, is mainly known in the crypto world by being an advocate. And, as every advocate of the crypto world, is also known for his brash predictions about the price of BTC. In fact, it was in February when Draper appeared on CNBC reaffirming his prediction of the price of Bitcoin to $ 250,000 u.s. for 2022 or 2023. In this way, in addition to being an optimist born of the cryptocurrencies, Draper is also investing in technological developments with great potential. In particular it has been interested in finance decentralized, then invest in DeFi Money Makets DAO (DMM DAO), according to the announcement of the Foundation of the DMM. “Many investors are crypto and traditional looking for passive income stable and secure. Gregory Keough, and the team of the Foundation DMM take advantage of technology Blockchain to allow users to get what they want,“ said Tim Draper.

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