To win the Stock-to-Flow model, or the death spiral?

Bitcoin is an incredible and exciting year. Especially the Bitcoin Halving is at the heart of the year 2020. This is nothing more than the halving of the inflation rate of BTC. In the past, the Bitcoin Halving has led to extremely strong price jumps. Although the big moves have been achieved until approximately 1 year after the Halving, but nevertheless, it was also speculated before the Halving much. Although Most of the law we look with confidence to the Bitcoin Halving, the skepticism about whether the Event could also bring negative consequences. PlanB has also presented the well-known Stock-to-Flow model for Bitcoin, has launched a survey on Twitter, in order to analyze the expectations and Concerns around the BTC Halving from its Community.

Bitcoin Halving survey shows wide skepticism

PlanB, or on Twitter as @100trillionUSD known, created on Wednesday a survey regarding a possible Miner’s surrender and the so-called death spiral. The results are a bit of a surprise, considering who the Person is who created the survey. PlanB has not created a model to calculate only the scarcity of Bitcoin, much like Gold, but has this also applied to the possible course course of of BTC. The targeted courses are now known to everyone and the Stock-to-Flow Model was even picked up by larger players, such as Bayer LB.

The BTC death spiral describes the scenario, to Surrender if, after the halving of the Block Rewards the Miner start and your Hardware switching off. Thus, it is not only a sharp decline in Hashrate, but the blocks are found to the adjustment of the Difficulty much slower. This, in turn, leads to more miners jump off – a vicious circle. Thus would, according to this theory, the entire payment network of Bitcoin to a standstill and BTC will die.
Therefore, it is all the more surprising that almost 50% of the people who participated in the survey of PlanB, the Bitcoin Halving looking skeptical. Normally, one would think that the followers of PlanB are a bit more confident. That would mean, conversely, that people who do not know the promising Stock-to-Flow model, are much more sceptical.

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47,2% are unsure

According to the survey, 32.7 percent are still unsure whether there will be a death spiral or Miner surrender. You want to see results. Overall, only 13.5% of the respondents believe that there is a high risk of a death spiral. 52,8% are of the Belief that there will be no death spiral and Bitcoin, as the Stock-to-Flow model predicts will enjoy and benefit from lively demand.

According to PlanB these are the people, or the risk, which would stand between the current Bitcoin exchange rate of 8,300 USD, and the Stock-to-Flow rate of 50,000-100,000 USD. So, if these people drop their skepticism, will lie down the Bitcoin price, according to PlanB a rocket launch.

Bitcoin is high risk and high returns

This result reflects some of the similar Concerns and Fears of the Crypto Community. This, in turn, shows us clearly that the potential of Bitcoin is not yet exhausted. If even the people are still very skeptical familiar with the matter, then there is not a well-unimaginable people out there who invested in Bitcoin yet, or even not have heard of.
The skepticism is based on a very high level of risk, which should make everyone aware of. We are located in a high-risk market and the history of Bitcoin is uncertain. Exactly the people on BTC-doubt. It feels almost as they did in 2011, as hardly a Bitcoin has believed and BTC also, the death spiral theory has been accused of. Although the amount of interested parties has since been extremely reflects increased but always only a fraction of all the people. In addition, we can see what happened since 2011, Bitcoin and the rate. Bitcoin offers a unique opportunity, but not without risk. If one is aware of this Chance and don’t want to miss, then nothing speaks against a long-term Investment in Bitcoin.

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What will happen, in your opinion, before and after the Bitcoin Halving?

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