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“To$250,000 is conservative for Bitcoin”; Millinneals rich betting on Blockchain and more – Breaking News

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Bitcoin is a hedge against the ‘fiscal irresponsibility’ of the government: Travis Kling

In a recent interview with CNN on 15 September, Travis Kling, a veteran of the hedge fund Point72, and manager of portfolio of shares, he argued that the specific properties of Bitcoin make it a insurance policy outstanding against the irresponsible monetary and fiscal central banks and governments at the global level as well as, “the investment opportunity is most important in a generation”. He said: “it Is clear that all central banks are racing to devalue their currencies [ … ] Against which are devaluing? You are devaluing assets that have a shortage demonstrable […] Bitcoin has even more scarcity demonstrable that the gold, is the money more difficult in human history”. According to Kling, to the monetary policy of the central banks, we can only have a hedge fund with assets limited as Bitcoin and gold, even more with BTC than with the gold metal, their characteristics.

Millennials rich are making big bets on Bitcoin and Crypto

According to a new research, the demographic group of millennials rich seems to be investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to a much higher rate than the rest of the population. The study conducted by the law firm british Michelmores and research consultancy ComRes interviewed 501 people in the Uk born between 1981 and 1996. As a characteristic of the sample, all participants had to have assets investable of £ 25,000 or more. According to the results, 20% say they have already invested in cryptocurrencies, a number that far exceeds the estimate of the general population, which usually falls in the range of 1-3%. These data reveal a growing interest among members of the generation of millennials to change the traditional investments and opt for new forms of investment such as technologies, blockchain and the cryptocurrencies, even above the risk that this implies.

Gartner: Blockchain transformed the most industries in 10 years

In a press release on the 12th of September, Gartner a company management services of information technology, indicated that it anticipates that blockchain will be transformed for the majority of the industries within 10 years. The research vice president of Gartner David Furlonger said: “Although you are not yet sure of the impact it will have blockchain in their business, 60% of the CIOS in the Survey, the Agenda of CIOS, Gartner 2019 said they expected a certain level of adoption of technologies blockchain in the next three years. However, the digital infrastructure of existing organizations and the lack of a clear governance of the blockchain are limited to the CIO to get a total value with blockchain”. The report also points out that the industry blockchain is seeing the development of solutions that allow “users to create their own tokens to support the design of the competition and to allow the trade of virtual goods”, especially in sectors such as banking, gaming and retail.

Tim Draper believes that the prediction of $250,000 for Bitcoin is conservative

In statements to BlockTV , Draper described his famous forecast of prices of Bitcoin of $ 250,000 as a conservative. According to Draper: us $ 250,000 means that Bitcoin would have a market share of around 5% in the world currency and I think that may be underestimating the power of Bitcoin. With his statements, Draper shows his firm stand and clear for a future prometor of Bitcoin, even over the quarter of a million of dollars per unit of BTC. The following two tabs change content below. Engineer, lover of economics and technology; Convinced that Blockchain will empower them to future generations, giving them freedom and sovereignty to each individual.

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