TokenSoft joined the group Blockchain Association

The american company operator, the tokens of security, TonkenSoft, has signed its accession to Blockchain Association to meet its ambitions of spreading the compliance and regulation of digital assets. In an official announcement, the company has paid allegiance to the lobby group of crypto to promote the use of the Blockchain.

Support the regulation of the Blockchain

Following the release of TokenSoft concerning its accession to the Blockchain Association, the main objective of the company will be the support of regulators and elected officials to promote the benefits of crypto-currencies and the Blockchain.
In the framework of its participation in the activities of the lobby group, TokenSoft will play a crucial role in the proposal of ideas and advice to improve the compliance of the tokens of security as well as the extension of the Blockchain.

A mission in the popularization of crypto

Peddling the ambitions and conditions of the players in the market of crypto-currencies in terms of recognition and regulation, TokenSoft expects to participate in a campaign is vital for the democratisation of the sector via the Blockchain Association.
In this case, the platform will expand upon the team whose main mission is to support businesses in Blockchain face worries legal. Remember that the Blockchain such as crypto-currencies remain sensitive topics in many countries, reason for which the companies of the industry should come together to make their voices heard.
As explained by Kristin Smith of the Blockchain Association, the integration of TokenSoft the group is a

“important perspective to support a regulatory solution favourable to businesses and consumers. “

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