Top developer confirms: Ethereum 2.0 will definitely come 2020 on the market

Justin Drake, a researcher for the Ethereum Foundation, was the beginning of the month with his claim for the attention that developers would at least need until 2021 to start Ethereum 2.0 (alias ETH 2) correctly.

The comment was controversial, because investors and other stakeholders of the crypto-currency industry for months, sure that the market would be the introduction in July or August 2020.

This is not to say that Drake “wanted to create FUD”. The reason why he believes that the introduction, at the earliest, in the 1. Quarter of 2021 should take place, his concerns about the security of Ethereum should be made to Upgrade the gun.

“Prior to (the Start) I would like to see the following: a public test network, All with 3+ customers, running for 2-3 months smoothly, with incentives provided “attack the network” that runs for 2-3 months (more details to follow soon), a Bug Bounty program, similar to running for 2-3 months… in 3. Quarter of 2020 happen.“

Regardless of many prominent members of the Ethereum Community will remain safe, that Q3 or Q4 2020 is the optimal time for the introduction of ETH 2.

Top developer: Ethereum 2.0 will go in service in 2020

Despite what some reports might imply, is Afri Schoedon still an active member of the Ethereum community.

Currently, he is working on ETH2-Multi-Client test networks, which are Essentially necessary, so that the Upgrade can be put into operation.

In a recent Interview with Paradigm, one of the developers for the Upgrade is responsible, said Schoedon, he has a start date of 2020 for the Upgrade still doable:

“The Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain will start in November, unless we find serious bugs in the client or in the Protocol. Here I stand with my assessment between Vitalk and Justin. I don’t think we need to move Ethereum 2.0 necessarily to the year 2021, unless we find critical issues. We are well on the way to a market launch by the end of 2020.“

Schoedon, this would put the “official Multi-Client Testnet Medalla,” the “will be launched very soon”, the last building blocks for the proper activation of ETH2 in this year.

As already suggested: He is the last of many celebrities Ethereum-actors, after which a launch in 2020 is possible and likely.

The first founder of the Blockchain, Vitalik Buterin, told as a response to Drake’s original comment that he “would prefer the Start of Phase 0 significantly before this date, regardless of the degree of readiness”.

He does not agree with Drake’s opinion that extreme safety and caution be exercised, since “eth2 will be up to the Phase 1 no-critical applications, from which it depends, so that the practical risks of breakage are low”.

Hudson Jameson, Preston Valoon and Anthony Sassano belong to some of the other supporters of the Blockchain, in favour of the start date of 2020.

A Bull Market Catalyst

With the upcoming launch of Ethereum 2.0 again discussions about the importance of this for the price of ETH are flared.

Ryan Sean Adams, the founder of the myth of the Capital, said on 22. July: Proof of Stake, which is made possible through ETH2, “plus DeFi is far more demand for ETH is set as the ICOs ever did”.

Adams maintained that it was hilarious that ETH is traded to the current (at the time of his Tweets) the price of 243 USD.

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This refers to the feeling that the demand for the crypto-currency is going to explode, if the offer is shrinking, which pushes up prices.

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