Tournament Trading Binance: Earn up to $200,000

The platform Binance offers rewards of more than $200,000 in their tournament trading. The competition ends on the 15th of July and the same will define the prizes for the winners in three types of campaigns available to participate.

It should be noted that Binance offers different types of bonus to the participants. The same will be delivered in equivalent of us dollar of BNB.

It is important to note that the registered people can keep track of your ranking. To do this, simply should enter in the section of your user in the web. The results are updated on a daily basis.

The three phases of the tournament, Trading of Binance

Within the terms of the competition, is the division of the tournament in three campaigns. So, the first of them, it’s about the future quarterly BTC/USD. In the same are distributed awards of up to $110.000.

This “Campaign”, starting last June 30, will culminate on Wednesday, July 15. The same consists, according to explain the terms, in that “all users will be ranked based on the terms of the volume of trading for the Futures Contract Quarterly BTC/USD”.

This volume corresponds to the tradeado in the in the account of Binance Futures. The structure of the rewards is for the first three. In the same order: of $30,000, $20,000 and $10.000. The contestants who are between the fourth and the tenth place will receive a prize set of $50,000.

So far, the Tournament Trading Binance, there are over 30 thousand users. Source: Binance Futures

Three lucky daily by means of sweepstakes

The “Campaign B”, this is a daily sweepstakes random $3,000 in BNB. For its part, will involve all those users with a trading volume of at least 10 contracts quarterly. It is 15 periods that you are delivering from the past June 18.

The winners of this sweepstakes will be three daily and each will receive $1.000. It should be noted that, to share the results of the tournament on the social network Twitter with the hashtag of the event, will receive a bonus which shall also be delivered by way of sweepstakes.

Daily activities ROI in BTC/USD

In both, the “Campaign C”. The same account of the return on the daily investment in BTC/USD. The portal of the Tournament Trading Binance explains that: “All users with a minimum volume of trading 10 contracts during each competition of ROI journal, are classified in function of their ROI daily in Future Quarterly BTC/USD”.

These competitions, which began today, Tuesday, will consist of 15 sessions, which last 24 hours each. The reward structure is broken down into prizes for the top three of $1,000, $500 and $300 respectively. The prizes for the occupants of the fourth to tenth place, consist of $12,000 spread over set.

Data to be taken into consideration

The Trading volume of BTC includes purchases and sales in the contract with expiration date of BTC/USD. Shall not be taken into account for the “wash trading”.All the rewards of the three campaigns are delivered in BNB.Accounts registered in mass for illegal purposes will be disqualified.All terms of the Tournament, Trading of Binance, are published in the portal.It should be noted, that at this time 31.071 participants are active in the competition for the $200,000.

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