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Carlos Guerrero is an enterprising venezuelan who four years ago had no idea what it was Dash or the cryptocurrencies in general. His vision of the merchant led him to invest in various businesses, one of them a café-restaurant in the south of Maracaibo, located about 700 miles west of Caracas, which is defined as a place of fusion cuisine.On the site customers can enjoy ceviches, pizzas, burgers, fish and meat. At the time of paying the account options are also multiple: cash, cards or cryptocurrencies. His establishment is one of the more than 800 businesses that accept Dash in the country, which has served to transform the business and get more consumers.In Venezuela there are around 800 locations that accept Dash as a form of payment. Photo courtesy: George Donnelly.Despite the fact that you do not understand at all how the technology works behind the cryptocurrencies, a Warrior is considered as a valuable tool for the processing of payments or safeguard value.“When my clients or friends ask me about them and I teach them to register a portfolio, to send or receive payments, all amazed of how easy and fast it is. It is very different when compared with bank transfers where you need to put as many data and many times they are incorrect or copies badly some of them,” explained Guerrero, a partner of Ballads Coffee, who added that it also accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.The adoption of Dash in your business is a product of the evangelization of this criptomoneda carried out by dozens of independent groups in Venezuela. Many are funded by the treasury of the Dash that supports the projects in a voting process.In the corporate speak may be illustrated by reference to Dash as a company that is decentralized or a DAO (Organization Autonomous Decentralized) in which all decisions as to the destination of the funds are taken by consensus among its participants. In the case of Dash, this work rests on the operators of the master nodes, a hierarchy or a sort of board that takes the reins of its governance and voting system.

Businesses dominant

According to Discover Dash the business as Carlos, dedicated to the sale of meals and beverages, represent the second largest category of businesses that accept this criptomoneda in the world, just below the atms of the Dash, but above the business services and establishments dedicated to the sale of electronic articles.In Caracas, the expansion of businesses that accept Dash is evident in the media hype that has funded groups such as Dash Venezuela, Dash Merchant or Dash Latam, among others. This includes the exposure of the brand Dash on billboards on avenues, honorable mention in digital media, and interviews to their promoters in programs of television or radio with nationwide coverage.The marketing of Dash in Caracas, is evidence in various billboards. Photo: Ryan Taylor/ Dash Core GroupPara Mary Alexandra Rooms, the restaurant, Fat Panda located in Los Palos Grandes, the possibility that people can pay with Dash is a breakthrough that brings benefits to both the merchant and the clients. However, the entrepreneur sees a weakness in the subject of education and the mass adoption.“What is missing is that many more people to become involved and get to know more about the topic of the cryptocurrencies”, referred Rooms. In connection with the response of the customers on pay with Dash pointed out: “Since August of this year we are accepting Dash, we only use this criptomoneda. All the weeks that come about 6 or 7 people to pay with Dash. The experience has been productive and entertaining because it is very quick and easy to pay.”Despite the fact that the use of Dash or bitcoin continues to increase in Venezuela as a receipt of value, or for its commercialization, the economic contraction in the country is affecting the sales of the merchants. This scenario is described by Omar Mendez, owner of Society Coffee, an establishment located in the Centre Business Park Crystal, in Caracas, that accepts Dash as a form of payment.“From the beginning we understood the financial situation that we are going through in Venezuela. However, the cryptocurrencies are a shelter that is transparent and are directly controlled by the users. Certainly have slowed down a little transactions, but we do not lose the hope to return to those levels from before, where we could receive up to 5 or 6 transactions a day with Dash, which we change later to other criptos,” said the entrepreneur.To be consulted on the possible causes that have led to a decrease in payments with Dash spoke: “Or the issue has ceased to spread, to promote the use of the criptomoneda, or by the issue of the profitability. People prefer to have the dollars, use them to pay and not invest in cryptocurrencies”.

Marketing mouth-to-mouth

A percentage not determined from the expansion of Dash in Venezuela revolves around the marketing, that are running their promotion groups. There are those who have come to the criptomoneda to know what are the portfolios of the Dash, how the payouts work with smart phones or just not to stay behind in the payment methods. This without taking into account the type of business or the age of the interested parties.He describes Darwin Ramirez, adviser of Dash Latam in Maracaibo, venezuela, who referred to two seamstresses of the third age took their first steps in the world of cryptocurrencies after know Dash without trying.“I needed to modify some shirts Dash and that did not conform to my size or to my companion. We ask two seamstresses that we adapt the outfit. To the surprise of us were interested in the emblem, began to investigate and asked us if they could be a part of Dash. Today to talk about the topic with their children and grandchildren to highlight the benefits of the criptoeconomía,” said Ramirez.The adoption of the cryptocurrencies as Dash or bitcoin is a faithful reflection of the complex political and economic situation that the country lives. Venezuelans looking to get rid of their declining bolivars to buy dollars, colombian pesos or cryptocurrencies. The that more and more shops accept the latter is a clear signal of where it is heading the trend to pay for goods or services.An obstacle to overcome for a wider adoption of the cryptocurrencies in Venezuela has to do with the failures in the telecommunications system and the fluctuations in the electric service of the oil-rich country, especially in the interior of the nation. The businesses have already given their first steps, all that remains is for users to become familiar with the handling of the portfolios, the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the houses of change and adjust to the new form of money.

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