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Doubts among traders beginners in this turning world is if the trading during the pandemic is a safe option both in the stock market, as in the Forex market. So, Gisela Turazzini responds to that question in the Trading Mastery Summit.

The third day of the summit, the Summit focuses on papers of intermediate level where you will learn about Advanced systems of Trading.

This hand the greatest experts of the sector and their opinions are invaluable for the vast experience they have. In addition there are sessions of trading in real-time.

Does the world of trade it is only for men? Gisela demonstrates otherwise

Gisela defends its arguments with a trajectory of 16 years in trading, a degree in economics and a lot of experience that speaks for her.

It to be the first woman to give a presentation at the Trading Mastery Summit, opened his talk with this question.

Gisela replied with all certainty. Because, although she is aware that trading is a world of men, where it is difficult for a woman to thrive, she believes that it is not a gender issue, if not of merit. What is important is the knowledge and the training.

So, this is a constant between traders experts: believe that train you in the world of trading is part of the core.

The trading response to the pandemic of the COVID-19

It is proven that people tend to take the risk for all in situations of crisis, even more in a situation of unprecedented global crises for the economy.

Thus, the trading during the pandemic has been on the rise among the curious, as these confinement times have evoked the interest in this interesting world of the stock markets and Forex.

In this way, Gisela explains that the main scenario in this situation is the uncertainty over the COVID-19.

However, this environment of uncertainty does not have to be viewed as a negative moment. In fact, according to Gisela, the coronavirus is a black swan for the markets of trading.

The theory of the black swan theory or of the events of the black swan is a metaphor that describes an event that is a surprise, of great socio-economic impact. And that, after the fact, it is rationalized by hindsight.

Just as is now happening in the stock markets and Forex, including, among traders.

How to be a good trader in the pandemic?

One of the unknowns is more abundant in the pandemic, is how to be a good trader in a situation never seen before like this. Because the common denominator is that you can not operate in the markets as in normal times.

So, Gisele started his presentation explaining that the markets before the COVID-19 maintained a bullish trend and maintained this behavior to the upside.

And as the global crisis increased, this upward trend was ranging from short operations, and with profit margins minimal.

Therefore, the first important step in trading in a pandemic is not considered that the operations are negative if the profit percentage is low: “Remember that you are making in a crisis, in moments like that is when more opportunities are offered to win, but not in a single operation”. She explained.

Because it is a matter of review of assets, focusing on those that may be feasible in the long term. And in addition guarantee a profit.

Gisele Turazzini answers how to do trading in stock markets and Forex during the pandemic, in the Trading Mastery Summit.

It is also important to keep in mind that there are two types of capital transactions, but during the pandemic the most critical to grow, is to focus on increasing the value of this capital.

Ends his advice by explaining that the trading in pandemic focuses on a market that moves in trends. For this reason we must learn to move between these trends, knowing how to handle them and understand them.

In addition, he pointed out that these tactics will work if it has well-defined the margin of safety.

The time of opportunities that the traders found in the pandemic

There have been moments in this confinement, which have been wonderful, beyond the global developments in the political framework, the market movements are part of the black swan.

Gisele adds the pandemic has been allowed to create new trading strategies so effective that he was only able to succeed thanks to the opportunities that the crisis offered.

Therefore, the trading consists of many strategies, and part of them is to create values, and to ensure that the same are maintained in the long term.

Gisele concluded by mentioning that the greatest impediment to trading in pandemic is to achieve control yourself, because this psychology of the trader in times of a pandemic is more complicated.

It is important not to get carried away by greed, or spin out of control. Discipline and smart tactics in the trading are the key.

He also recommended that the important thing is to make smart decisions about money management, and long-term operations. This will ensure the success.

Trading Mastery Summit: from 27 July to 30 July

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