Trading legend Peter Brandt answered the question how much one should invest in Bitcoin

The year 2020 is now an exciting for the digital Gold Bitcoin. After a good start and Crack the $ 10,000 mark by the end of February, only one of the Corona-induced crash by 50%. Since then, the losses have been made up and BTC is fighting again limit to 10,000 USD. Also, if Bitcoin falters in the last few days, something that can be a Year-to-Date Performance of nearly 30% (despite corona crisis) definitely see it!

Not only that, but also the concern about increased Inflation due to the “money printing orgies” of the Central banks in the world, leaves many investors with information about the digital Asset think. This development is also shown by the strong Numbers of Grayscale, the reports of a huge increase in institutional investors. But what you must note when you buy Bitcoin and how much should you invest in Bitcoin? While the Fans for many Crypto-probably one of the crucial issues, the Trading legend Peter Brandt, a very clear answer.

Buy Bitcoin: 10% of the portfolio in BTC

Especially for younger people, like the Generation Y (also Millennials), and is Bitcoin as an Investment very interesting. The show a number of surveys and is explained by the fact that this is the first Generation that grew up with today’s technology and their Associated are referred to as “Digital Natives”.

For these younger generations, the Trading legend Peter Brandt from the United States has a crucial piece of advice when it comes to the purchase of Bitcoin and also the Invest principle. According to Brandt, people from Generation X and Y (Millennials) should invest 10% of what you can afford into Bitcoin. To do this, he writes in a Twitter Post:

I’ll give you the same advice I children the Generation X and my nephews and nieces, the Generation of Millennials my give
You buy a house – any house, but a rise in the housing market
You work in two Jobs, if necessary
You invest 10% of what you can afford in BTC
You invest on a monthly basis in high-quality technology and Value equity ETFs

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How is this approach?

With this statement Peter Brandt distributed not only a solid tip, how much he recommends to invest in Bitcoin, but also the entire investment plan for other asset classes.

His statement came on the question of another Person on Twitter, who is of the opinion that younger people have today to build up due to high asset prices and low pay, difficult prosperity.

The tip of Peter Brandt on young people to invest 10% of their capital in Bitcoin is not about. Statistics show that Millennials have less than 3% of the assets in the United States. The Generation of Baby boomers, including Brandt, argue 21%.

By this distribution and the fact that Bitcoin has an effect on young people as a plausible Investment, could BTC profit in the next years and decades, a large “wealth transfer”. How to Grayscale Investments noted, could be inherited in the next 25 years, up to 70 trillion to younger generations, which has a certain part in Bitcoin would land.

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