TranslateMe introduced a system of rewards in its Android app

January 14, 2020 by Victor

Barely eight months after its official launch, TranslateMe, the translation service based on the Blockchain Neo, would have integrated a new feature to its messaging app TranslateMe Telegram, supported by the Android mobile.

For privileged groups

Thanks to a recent update, Android users of TranslateMe will now be rewarded for the use of this service. In effect, the new feature thus created is a system of payment is supposed to reward users with 1 token MNT-by message issued.
TranslateMe plans to test the new feature of this system of rewards through various marketing campaigns in collaboration with other projects based on the Blockchain.
This system is not yet available to users, but only to a certain group of users who operate actively on the application, including the eligibility criteria are kept secret.
Moreover, TranslateMe Telegram is currently processing more than 20 languages and has over a million downloads.

A new talent strengthens team

Apart from this novelty, TranslateMe has also strengthened its team of developers in seeking the know-how of Ravneet Punia, an expert in machine translation.
The most recent draft of this Android developer is very talented, has been a programme developed with the Google Summer of Code, in which it was a part of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI).
The ingenuity in this initiative is explained by a model of machine translation converting the sumerian language, emphasizing neural networks.
To do this, the CDLI applies to gather, store and publish different types of data, such as they are represented with the script of the CDLI.
In short, machine translation, neural (NLM) of Punia has been presented as a new approach that is very appreciated in the services application of translation.
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