Trend of Bitcoin for the month of may

We are only 11 days of the event more important for the Bitcoin in 2020: the Halving. In a scenario of high volatility, and where everything can happen, I will analyze the trend of Bitcoin to the beginning of the month. May: the Graph with the trend of Bitcoin in the last 48 hours we Published yesterday, according to the sign black below, on 14:47 Spanish time. Although he wrote the analysis about 40 minutes before… saying that it would be Bullish to very slight; exactly said, “Supports the possibility Bullish, very slightly, for the next few hours: +52% | -48% … do Not rule out sales to close of Wall Street, or even before.” And as we can see on the Daily chart. You can also see the descent announced near the close of Wall Street. Also, in yesterday’s article, we warn you that could go towards the $8,500 and touched the BTCUSD the $8.400 on 19:51 pm. Spanish: marking the minimum of the day. And after BOUNCING. And in these we are to these hours of writing of the present report: 13:35 pm. Spanish. “The Trend of the Bitcoin for may,” is how we titled today… And then our analysis will seek to answer … and Above all, we will be more direct, in the conclusions…

Analysis of the trend of Bitcoin in the short-term (1 to 2 days)

Trend in the price of BTC in the short term Yesterday lost the Uptrend and has returned to retrieve just a few hours ago. We be in Uptrend for the Short Term. Our Indicator CryptoTrend in INTRADAY: Supports the potential Bullish, but with caution, for the next few hours: +55% | -45% … do Not rule out sales to close out the regular schedule of Wall Street, or even before. The same as yesterday.

Analysis of the trend of the BTC in the medium term

Trend in the price of BTC in the medium term Also continues a Bullish trend in the Medium Term. Tenth day. Brown line above, as applicable, and a larger aperture to that of yesterday. And yesterday we said it gave us what to think about tumbling down the Bitcoin, which fell, today it would be bullish … at least for a while. Is more, today we hope for the same: upload and may turn bearish to the middle of the afternoon or end of the day … And that tomorrow I have to trace back the quote. Come on, a Side of Roller Coaster.

Analysis of the trend of the BTC long-term

Trend in the price of BTC in the long term It maintains the Bearish Trend from last month for the Long-Term (open the two lines, with the brown underneath). But to narrow even more, as it should correspond according to read in the last section of the Medium-Term. And we just keep wondering … what Will the scenario of the Bitcoin, including Long-Term, totally Bullish? But… is it Only up to the Halving? We will be very pending for opening of new lines. Cross the brown line above … It would become a BULLISH trend, and the goal of what we might estimate to 10,000 (minimum) of the BTCUSD.

Conclusion and Possible Trading Strategy

We maintain the Bullish Trend for today, but with a probable TRAP … Very doubtful. Care.The Medium-Term continues to be in Uptrend, a good sign. What strengthens and holds the type bullish until the Halving?Both for Intraday as well as for the Medium and Long Term: to open Shorts on every rise, if any, by the volatility, and not to rush a lot of the profit … Always has these if we allow the Spread of our Broker. While the Long-Term trend remains Bearish (divergence) … assures Us volatility and declines.

Scenario overview / Market Timing (Long-Term)

We remain cautious for long-term investment based on HOLD (buy and hope). On the subject of the Global Pandemic… For may, we dare to predict that bullish until the Halving (or near it) and back to the Falls… Because one thing is very clear, being so close to the date of the Halving: why the trend is bearish, today, for the Long Term? Well, because it will not have continuity. Or change in the next few days (I should have done), which is very tight for a Long Time or it smells like what it smells like: a BUY ON THE RUMOR, AND SELL ON THE NEWS … that Is to say, once already done the theme Halving… TO SELL. There is more reading. Also, what do the ups and downs of the Short-Term is possible to exit stealth to some who already know it? Don’t miss the next Monday, a new analysis of the trend of the Bitcoin for may. The author reserves the to reveal what a material of charts and indicators used. Just warn you that using Moving Averages: although it may not be based on the instrument of the Bitcoin, though it did serve to predict the trend of this. I invite you to read my comment of ‘The Market’ in general (Forex, Stock) for now and in the medium term in You can also follow automated analysis (Real-Time) of cryptocurrencies HERE. The information of this content should be taken only for educational purposes, not claiming under any point of view to encourage the purchase / sale of financial instruments.

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