TRON launches loan service decentralised powered by the stablecoin USDJ

The Blockchain Tron continues to advance in the finance decentralized with the establishment of a loan service decentralized allowing individuals to borrow the stablecoin USDJ, and without the need of collateral trustees.

A quality service

Tron brings its stone to the building of the Finance decentralized (DeFi) with the launch of its loans service of decentralized dedicated to stablecoins USDJ. The ready protocol does not require any bank deposit of the part of the borrowers. At present, individuals must justify of a sufficient amount by TRX on their crypto-wallet to qualify for a loan in the USDJ.
Thus, the holdings of TRX held by borrowers are then placed in sealed envelopes on the platform, the TRX to be used as collateral. Investors can have their deposits in TRX after you have refunded the full amount of their loan.
In regards to the stablecoin USDJ, its value will be indexed on the dollar, and allows you to run the smart contracts of the platform JUST.

The project is Just a pale copy of the Makerdao?

Many people have pointed out the similarity striking between the Makerdao and the platform USDJ. In fact, the two protocols ready decentralized can pledge stablecoins via a smart-contract baptized collateralised Debt Position (CDP). These two systems operate at an interest rate particularly attractive and without a trusted third party, thanks to the technology unchangeable of the Blockchain.
However, the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, made the remark that the USDJ is inspired by many open source projects Challenge, including the Makerdao. Besides, the leader already considering a future collaboration with the decentralised projects in the most promising of the Challenge.

“TRON is ready to work with each of them. I would like to invite them to attend MakerDAO because they are the best of all, ” announced Justin Sun.

What do you think of this advanced with great strides made by TRON in finance decentralized ? Respond in the comments section below.
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