Tron throws his stablecoin type MakerDAO in the white paper “Djed”

As had been anticipated by Justin Sun in January, Tron has recently published the launch of its own stablecoin from a system similar to the MakerDAO. As the majority of the assets “pledged” on MakerDAO, this new stablecoin called ” USDJ “) will be generated by the intelligent contracts being indexed to the u.s. dollar.

A stablecoin type Maker

Following the white paper named “Djed” was revealed by Tron, the USDJ will appear as the new currency generated from a pledge of TRX. In this case, the token is created from a counterparty in crypto-currency and will be pegged against the us dollar via forward and intelligent.

“The USDJ is a new currency that is generated by contracts intelligent decentralized on the network TRON. Anyone can pledge TRX guarantee to generate USDJ ” explains the white paper before you say that the asset will function as any other crypto-currency once it is created and placed on the market.

A solution to integrate the Challenge to Tron

The system MakerDao had launched the trend of stablecoins via a decentralised protocol, the operation of which is based on a pledge of assets in exchange for a loan. Today, this system is adopted by many investors of new tokens to participate in the finance decentralized.
In the same spirit, Tron seeks to exploit the Challenge by launching “Djed” in which the object is based on the proposal for a stablecoin decentralized, which is not based on any power of control, and for the benefit of all its ecosystem.

“We believe that in the context of a community governance successful, the USDJ will fully appreciate its advantages as a stable currency and will be widely applied through the network TRON,” summarizes the white paper.

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