Tron TRX CEO Justin Sun Teases About Partnership With Billion Dollar Companies

Justin Sun, CEO of the blockchain startup TRON, recently hinted at a partnership with a multi-billion industry giant.

In his tweet, published on October 12, Sun did not want to reveal which companies TRON had partnered with for the time being. Instead, he called on the community to “guess the name of the company”.

The community responded to the request. Disney and Alibaba were the main hot favorites. Alibaba is through the close contact between Justin Sun and Alibaba founder Jack Ma, already since the founding of TRON as a partner in conversation and Disney might be interested in BitTorrent, write some users.

Others rejected the two proposals and argued that both companies were worth hundreds of billions of dollars, not “tens of billions” as Sun wrote in his tweet.

Coinness even claims that TRON has confirmed Baidu as a partner to them. Baidu operates a search engine that is mainly used in China and is one of the five most visited websites in the world.

Although it is not yet known which company is behind the partnership with TRON or what the purpose of the partnership is, it seems that it was enough to push the TRX price up a bit. With a plus of 7 percent, the TRON token is currently recording the highest increase among the TOP 20 cryptocurrencies.

This is the second time this week that Sun has caused a stir with a tweet. The month he claimed that with the upcoming update to TRX Odyssey 3.1, the TRON network could process transactions much faster than its rival Ethereum (ETH) and significantly undercut EOS’ transaction costs.

How many transactions per second (TPS) a network can receive and the process could actually be decisive for the success of a project. Until now, the TPS of most blockchains has not been sufficient to cope with the centralized systems of credit card giants such as Mastercard or Visa, which sometimes process several 10,000 transactions per second.

It remains exciting to see how TRON continues. As soon as the name of the company with which TRON has entered into a partnership becomes known, we will report on it again.

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