TRON (TRX) – Holds Ground Despite Unfavourable Crypto Markets

TRON (TRX) - Holds Ground Despite Unfavourable Crypto Markets

CANBERRA, Australia – Despite the evidence of developments and improvements in the TRON (TRX) platform, the digital coin has not gained the slightest surge regarding price ever since the launching of the TestNet last March 31.

The cryptocurrency is currently being traded at $0.037 per asset after its 11% loss. TRON (TRX) ranks 12th in the world’s largest cryptocurrency at a market cap of $2.6 Billion. In the last 24 hours, TRON was traded at about $1.09 Billion, making it the third most purchased digital coin, following Bitcoin and Tether respectively.

More than 100,000 people witnessed the online live announcement of the TRON platform as it officially launched the TestNet last March.

TestNet is regarded as a new milestone in TRON’s journey to becoming the most traded cryptocurrency of all time. So far, TestNet has not done anything but impress the cryptocurrency community.

Shortly after the presentation of TestNet, Cryptovest reported that TRON (TRX) released a sum of 126 nodes to approximately five different continents. The initial updates provided evidence that the United States was the one with the highest number at 50 nodes.

The second update was released two days following the announcement of the 126 nodes. At this time, there are already 253 nodes, with China having the highest number at 253 nodes.

The day after the most recent announcement, two new exchange listings were introduced namely Bithumb and Upbit Exchange. TRON users can enjoy 2% payback on deposits when they use the Bithum platform, but this feature is only available until midnight of April 7.

Upbit Exchange, meanwhile, does not have any exciting feature just like Bithum. What it actually offers is a new TRX/KRW trading pair.

Apart from the movement of the TRON exchange listings to 39, the crypto platform also boasts seven trading pairs for fiat currencies.

Admittedly, there is no sign of a substantial surge in TRON trading as of the moment; but with the introduction of TestNet, TRON has increased its number of users. Growth experienced are mostly from Russia and South Korea. The platform now has 3,074 users from South Korea and 2,642 members from Russia.

TestNet may have brought many significant changes to the TRON (TRX) platform. However, the celebration does not end there. TRON (TRX) developers are reported to be working on a new project that can potentially turn the tables around for its trading price.

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