TRON works with Metal and Pay for the services of money transfer

While TRON (TRX) is already among the crypto-currencies of the most important and the most popular in the world, she wishes to sit on its reputation by serving more people. To do this, she is associated with the money transfer business digital, Metal Pay.

Facilitate the access to the token

The aim of this partnership is to integrate the TRX, to the interior of the mobile application of Metal Pay, allowing millions of people to obtain the token native of TRON in exchange for fiat currencies via their debit cards or their accounts current.
Such co-operation on the part of two giants such as TRON and Metal Pay will benefit fully to american citizens, because they will now be able to buy the TRX via their Visa card.
For their part, the users of TRON come out ahead, since they benefit up to 5% discount wording in chips TRX for the cost of sending and receiving USD using the application Metal Pay.
The application shows a great flexibility to the users, because the possibilities are not limited to transactions with the TRX : the holders of TRX may also have recourse to the conversion of more than 20 crypto-currencies supported by the application.

The convenience is in the spotlight

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the Foundation, TRON, welcomed this achievement, stating :

“That is for the users or the developers, we care about before any of the convenience. We serve always our community by providing users a secure access, quick and simple to TRX. Metal Pay, we have created the infrastructure transaction TRX the fastest while maintaining world class security. ”

Taking advantage of the benefits from the partnership with Metal Pay, the users of TRON are of the rewarding experience of crypto-currencies. This familiarization with the digital asset promises an enlargement some of the ecosystem Tron.
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