Trump could ban Bitcoin when the BTC price of $ 100,000 is reached

Bitcoin could be faced with a total ban in the United States, if and when the price reaches the $ 100,000 mark, warned a well-known industry analyst.

Tom Lee: Nothing is outside the limits

In a Twitter debate over Washington’s Snap Ban for flavored E-cigarette on 11. September expressed Fund joined Global Advisors and co-founder Tom Lee concerns about the Power of the legislature, all the markets overnight to extinguish.
As a Bitcoin Supporter Lee noticed earlier negative comments towards crypto-currencies of the President of Donald Trump and his government. The ease with which E-cigarettes from the United States to disappear means that other controversial phenomena could suffer the same fate.

This is not related, but it shows that the White house can issue an “Executive Order” that forbids everything. And could even ban Bitcoin,“ he wrote.
I don’t expect it. But with the current White house there is “nothing that is outside the limits, or outside the range.

According to a statement from Wednesday, the US are determined-the government and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban E-cigarettes, at least temporarily, in order to assess the safety concerns.
Complaints, according to the manufacturer, is deliberately targeted to underage consumers. Reports of a “mysterious” lung disease have exacerbated the demands for a ban. Now flavored E will no longer be offered-cigarettes are legal to purchase and must be taken within 30 days.

Agreement on a ban when Bitcoin is $100,000 is reached

Lee continued the debate about the likelihood of a Bitcoin ban and argued that the Temperament of the government depended directly from the price.
Trump tweeted his dislike of crypto-currency, as BTC/USD circled the $10,500 in-brand. It should be ten times as much value, as he said, it would be much more likely to be the Trump-government U.S. citizens will forbid to use BTC.

While the concept of a state that prohibits the supposedly “unbannbare” decentralised Bitcoin, often gives rise to anger, there is little indication of how governments would use such a law.
The attention currently focuses especially on India since the authorities have repeatedly called for the criminalization of all non-authorized crypto-currencies.
While some dismissed the idea as not feasible, triggered Delhi still considerable anger in the industry. Tim Draper, the billionaire Investor, has called the Indian government is corrupt.

“You actually say: “We will not tolerate the progress. It will make you throw 40 years back,“ he said in July.

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