Twitter is delighted with the crypto-community with a new emoji

February 5, 2020 by Océane

The applications of the crypto-community have been answered. Following the proposal of Anthony Pompliano, the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, according to which it would be wise on the part of twitter to create an emoji Bitcoin, there are three months of this, the social networking platform has done !

The noise travels on the web

Anyone who writes the hashtag #Bitcoin or #BTC on Twitter now will the famous orange icon of Bitcoin appear in the form of an emoji next to their hashtag, recently announced that Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter.
There are many twitter users who have been curious on what it is of this new émoji, and Twitter accounts the most popular have already taken advantage of the new functionality, which sparked the frenzy among the crypto-community on the social network.
Subscribers to twitter have made the Bitcoin a truly global trend, as soon as they have started to tweet with the new hashtag, logo, and the interactions that are attached to it.
Many analysts and experts are currently using the hashtag to promote their YouTube channels, share articles, or even check just what it looks like the logo once a tweet is published.

Jack Dorsey supports the movement on twitter

Once again, Twitter has mobilized the world to talk about Bitcoin, a fact which is not very surprising given that its founder, Jack Dorsey, has always been a huge supporter of crypto-currencies, as it has always been expressed in the course of the last year.
Convinced that the crypto-currency number one has all the potential to become the official currency of the Internet, the character did not fail to point out that he actually owns the Bitcoin. Also, the application Cash of its payment company, Square, which currently allows users to manage Bitcoin.
All in all, the unconditional support of Jack Dorsey to the Bitcoin has not only benefited the crypto-currency number one, but also re-branded its image with investors.
What do you think of the launch of the émoji Bitcoin on Twitter ? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.
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