Twitter uses the blockchain for a decentralized standard

Twitter will be the platform for the blockchain to move. The social media giant puts together a team to create an open, decentralized standard for social media to be developed. Jack Dorsey wants to be that Twitter is the first one that is going to be used by default.

The blue sky

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, he has announced his platform, and that Twitter, as a five-man management team’s funding. This is a team that is Bluesky (blue sky) and will only be involved in the development of a decentralized protocol.

At present, the chief technology OFFICER, chief technical officer of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, looking for someone to lead the team. The team will have two directions to go: either build upon the previously developed protocols, such as the Steem, or in your own building.
Even though Dorsey is not literally saying that he’s blockchain technology and want to use a hint, he still has to go.

Threat or opportunity?

From a business perspective, can the classical economists, it is correct to see this as a threat for Twitter. You power be out of your hands and ensure that it is more difficult to be effective to earn money because you have a monopoly on the ads, not the more you can exploit it.
Dorsey thinks this is a good thing, then Twitter is their focus on innovation, and a healthy online conversation.
“It will allow us to gain access to and contribute to a much wider range of the public conversation, our efforts are focused on building an open recommendation algorithms. It should be a healthy conversation to promote them. Also, it forces us to be much more innovative than in the past.โ€™

The anonymous developers of the sponsors

This initiative fits well with the strategy of Dorsey. He has been there for years are openly in favour of devolution and, in particular, bitcoin. He / she is buying, namely a monthly basis for $ 10,000 in bitcoin regardless of the price. And by the end of 2017, you can you can bitcoin buy or sell through the Cash App. They sell every month, about $ 50 million in bitcoin.
In march it launched the Dorsey Square, a Computer, a project that was similar to Bluesky. Square Computer is in of a team of five people working on it full-time to improve the bitcoin ecosystem. Most of the development is the fact that they use anonymous bitcoin developer funding.

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