Two chinese nationals involved in hacking activity linked to the group Lazarus

March 8, 2020 by Clementine

Involved in the operations of hacking the group, Lazarus, two chinese nationals have been sanctioned by the us authorities for money laundering. They are suspected of having helped “a cyber-malicious activity” following the declaration of the OFAC, or the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Two Chinese involved in the campaign of cyber-attack is north Korean

Recently, the OFAC has apprehended two members of the band Lazarus for money-laundering. Accused of stealing more than $ 250 million, Yinyin Tian and Juiadong Li allegedly participated in a cyber malicious activity.

“These defendants allegedly laundered over a hundred million dollars of crypto-currencies stolen to obscure transactions for the benefit of players based in North Korea,” said Brian A. Benczkowski, of the division of criminal justice.

The United States remains vigilant in the face of a North Korean offensive

During these last years, the interest of the north Korean activities cryptos has fanned the curiosity and especially the suspicion of Americans. Indeed, some analysts believe that the Korean government would even have invested in the operations of crypto-hacking to bail out its economy in full crisis.
For his part, Steven Mnuchin has commented on the involvement of the Korean in the group, stating :

“The north Korean regime continued its massive campaign of extensive cyber attacks against financial institutions to steal funds. The United States will continue to protect the global financial system by holding accountable those who assist North Korea (…) “.

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