Two companies Blockchain join the application project Covid19 Alert:

Two companies Blockchain involved in the initiative Covid19! Alert which is to map the spread of the coronavirus via an application of the ” contact traçing “.

Two companies Blockchain to the rescue

The technology Blockchain invites you to the heart of the anti-coronavirus by means of two crypto-companies wanting to provide their support to the project Covid19!Alert. As well, DigiByte, a company at the origin of the Blockchain of the same name, and AntumID, the first password generator powered by the Blockchain, will contribute their expertise to the initiative.
Covid19 Alert! is a non-profit project founded by a group of technicians whose mission is to develop an application of the ” contact traçing “. Such initiatives have proliferated especially with the cooperation of major technology companies Google and Apple who have begun tracing applications digital dedicated to patients of the Covid-19.
The application in question uses the Bluetooth data to track social interactions between individuals and alert if a user had been in contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. Moreover, Covid19 Alert! allows you to collect the symptoms presented by individuals diagnosed positive for coronavirus for medical purposes.

The protection of privacy

In the jungle of applications ” contact traçing “, the application Covid19Alert! stands out by placing the respect of the privacy of the users at the centre of its priorities. In other words, the application undertakes not to share users ‘ data to third parties not involved.

“The information will not be shared with third parties. In some cases, the information may be shared internally. Our employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data, ” announced a press release of Covid19Alert!

In the case where a person is infected by the Covid-19, this should then give their permission before these data are downloaded to a server of the application Covid19Alert!
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