Ukraine wants to be held and the mining of bitcoin (BTC) in the act of capturing

Ukraine is said to be going to be the possession and use of cryptomunten, such as bitcoin (BTC) to certify, how to apply Bitcoinnews. Now, there is still a lack of clarity about the legal status, possession, or transporting of a computer.

‘Bitcoin law’

It would be one of the primary objectives of the young president, Volodymyr Zelensky, for example, in the mining and pay with a cryptomunten, by law, have to go to store.
Even with the legalization of the so-called Initial Coin Offering is one of the options. The OIC market is like a plumpudding collapsed in 2019.
Also, the government of Zelensky DLT (Distributed ledger technology), use of certain public services to be digitised. Ultimate objective of the government is to be just as effective as an Uber or Airbnb are in its service’.
According to the deputy prime minister, Alexander Bornyakov, the inhabitants of the Eastern-European country, clarity is needed. The government wants to be like belarus and Venezuela share in the revenues generated from mining.
Also, the government wants to have a friendly business climate, creating for the blockchain, and cryptobedrijven, which is located in the country, want to settle down. It is as yet unclear as to the specific tax measures, it is going to.

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A ban on bitcoin

In some countries there is a ban on bitcoin and other cryptovaluta, such as in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia) and some countries in Latin America such as Bolivia and Ecuador.
In large countries such as China, India and Russia, the government is not eager to start using bitcoin.
For example, there was the middle of July will inform you that the Indian government, it does not want to ban it, but the question is, how hard the line is.

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